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Alive after the Fall Review

Read alive after the fall to learn how to survive any kind of disaster you may face in the future. You will learn how to live off the grid and how to survive the most horrible scenarios your country may face. What medicine you must have for the emergency? How to find food and how to cook it? Many questions will arise in your head when you face the disaster but this guide will leave you prepared for the worse. The author AlexanderCain explains in details what disease spread in the dark times and what is the must have medicine. Alexander Cain also describes how to secure your car engine against EMP attack, and he teaches you about the most crucial electrical devices. How to save those electronic devices from EMP? The book teaches you how to build faraday cage in less than twenty five minutes to protect electronics from the EMP attack. Alexander also explains methods to prolong the shelf life of your food and medicine. When you read the bonus report you will learn how to survive nuclear attack and chemical attack. In last chapter Alexander explains how to get food and how to cock it without using electricity or gas. More here...

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Highly Recommended

This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Jumpstart Liberty Review

The world faces different forms of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcano blast, and many others. On the other hand, the world might also face man-made disasters such as nuclear war, cold war or even electromagnetic pulse (EMP). In a case of any of the disasters striking, you would love to see your friends and family safe from the danger. These disasters, not only affects the country citizens but also the economy. Therefore, you might need ideas on how to do be safe. That is why you need the Jumpstart Liberty book. It is a well-drafted guide, which gives out vital information on ways in which you can handle yourself, your family and friends, in case of the tough moments ahead. The book is written by Ken White, with a view of helping us access several survival tricks with minimal struggle and problems. This is a fantastic guide that will prove handy in the hour of need. Get a copy today and learn how to face unforeseen occurrences. More here...

Jumpstart Liberty Review Summary

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Nuclear Attack Survival Guide

The Nuclear Attack Survival Blueprint is a program created by Jay Christian, an expert with experience in helping people prepare for disastrous events. He provides comprehensive strategies on how to survive a nuclear attack. This program provides sufficient information on what to do in case of this attack. It is in form of video series that outlines how best you can prepare for a nuclear attack. While the information from the media suggest that you cannot survive a nuclear attack, the truth is you can get through it unaffected. This is a reality you are going to acknowledge once you get access to Nuclear Survival Blueprint. The video series will cover everything you need to consider in preparing for the attack. The program is genuine with a 60-day money back guarantee. If the content does not satisfy you, then feel free to claim for a refund. Do not wait for disaster to come. Prepare in advance and you will triumph over death and other injuries. More here...

Nuclear Attack Survival Blueprint Summary

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Satanism And The Occult

Interest in Satan waned towards the end of the nineteenth century and until the middle of the twentieth there was litde further interest in Satan or what he represented. As this volume shows, beliefs in witches did not disappear completely and isolated incidents of 'swimming' witches or attacking those suspected of witchcraft occurred nght into the twentieth century. Any connection with the devil was largely ignored, however, although the idea of the Witches Sabbath, which had onginally centred on the worship of the Devil, had long been well-established in folk-lore. Conservative Chnsnans continued to beEeve in the evil opponent of Chnst and His Father and fear his intervention in human affairs and his seduction of humans into sin, but more liberal Chnstians and the growing number of non-Chnstians ceased to believe in the existence of such a figure. The imagery of Satan might still be used and (presumably) evoked public response for example, the Kaiser was portrayed as a devil-figure...

The Tower Key Pathway

With man the need to grow and progress and develop the new industrial creation is understandable. Man built factories and industries and materialism flowered but the divine will not be suppressed indefinitely and as with the images of this card mans material tower would eventually feel the destruction of lightening from on high. Enter in World War One. Men who had once stood on assembly lines now took their places on the battle lines and industry ground slowly to a halt. The number sixteen is symbolic of cosmic energy which strikes down unshielded. The divine might over throws the matter of man and spirituality will have its day once more.

The Encyclopedia of Witches Witchcraft and Wicca

Witchcraft as a religion was born in Britain after World War II and came out of the closet when the anti-witchcraft laws there were repealed in 1953. It is argued that Gerald B. Gardner, the man who more or less invented the religion, should have chosen another term besides witchcraft for the mix of pagan, ceremonial magic and occult material he assembled. Perhaps witchcraft sounded secretive, exotic and forbidden. It certainly struck the right chord with the public, who suddenly could not get enough of witches.

The Tools Of Witchcraft

There is an ancient belief that there is power in words this belief is based on the concept that words are symbols of your ideas and thus have a magical quality. We use words to place what is happening in our minds with another person's mind. Some of the older religions still believe that the symbolism of letters is powerful, too. During World War II the Jews in Syria had every reason to believe they were about to be invaded by the Germans. They called up their Cabalists (a body of religious scholars) who spent an evening in meditation.

The Moon Key Pathway

This is the nineteenth card in the deck given the key of eighteen. The Star was but a tiny flicker of light in the history of mans darkest times however. Not so much a false hope, but yet a false dawn. Fast on the trail of World War 1 came the start of World War 2 and it is this return to darkness the Moon represents. The darkest hour comes just before the dawn and this time in the mystery of man was defiantly that. Auschwitz and Hiroshima bring blight and tyranny to obscure the flickering light of the soul. The number of cards in the Major Arcana is twenty two which matches with the Hebrew alphabet. The letter attributed to this card is Qoph which means back of the head . Thus man's unconscious mind implied his darkest and more unreasoning side. Here we watch as the nuclear stockpiles grow and the fate of the earth hangs in a dark cloud of doubt. Mankind grows obsessed with its own end and the very planet seems depressed and laid low. The number eighteen is symbolic of the final...

The Sun Key Pathway

This is the twentieth card in the deck given the key of nineteen. What more fitting after the dark time than the bright and welcome light of the sun's rebirth The final light of dawn on humanity shines at last. Here the Hebrew letter Resh applies meaning front of head and symbolises enlightened conscious thought. With World War Two at an end youth, by the century's middle years, outnumbers age and thus seeks new ideals. New spiritualities and religions rise, man is no longer wanting to be controlled by his spirituality but seeks a freedom from binding chains of strict doctrine and religions. By the 1960's the freedom over spilled into civilisation as a whole and Buddhism, Zen, Astrology and the I-Ching mixed randomly with drugs, which aped the shamans trances of years before. This was the Psychedelic Peak, the

Cleary Bridget

Virtually nothing is known about Clutterbuck's early years. At some point, she went to live in England, where she enjoyed an affluent life. Gardner said he became acquainted with her through the Fellowship of Crotona, a group that opened The First Rosicrucian Theatre in England in 1938 in the New Forest region, and performed plays with occult themes. Some of the members of the Fellowship revealed themselves to Gardner as Witches. In 1939, just after the start of World War II, Gardner said Clutterbuck initiated him in her home (see INITIATION). She was considered a lady of note in the district and had a large house, and a pearl necklace valued at 5,000 pounds, which she liked to wear often.


The work of setting out the context from which modern pagan witchcraft arose must now be completed, by considering a set of groups and individuals who illustrate different ways in which notions of paganism and magic were put mto practice in the early twentieth century. One of these ways, which has until recendy been hardly studied in this context, was through the medium of woodcraft organizations. All of these, ultimately, took their inspiration from North America, and the work of the Canadian Ernest Thompson Seton. From the end of the nineteenth century, he popularized the idea that the new industrial and urbanized society would be redeemed both in body and spirit if its young people were given the ability to spend regular periods of time living in natural surroundings, learning skills and lore associated with that environment in the manner of tribal peoples. The first and most famous of the British organizations to spring from his example was Baden-Powell's Boy Scout Association,...

Obeah And Voodoo

Baron Samedi Cross

In his book Les Zombis French writer C.H. Dewisme tells about a voodoo murder that happened during the American occupation of Haiti in World War 1. A voodoo priest cast a death spell on an American lieutenant who commanded the police department. This was in Port-au-Prince. The hungan let the lieutenant know that he would die by week's end.

Hex signs

After World War I, a man sued for divorce because he discovered his wife was a witch, he claimed to his lawyer. One night he could not sleep, but his wife thought he was asleep and rose from their bed to rub her face with a magical OINTMENT. She mounted her broom, said an incantation, Uber Stock und uber Stein, and then flew out the window. The curious husband got up and did the same, rubbing his face with the ointment, mounting another broom and uttering the incantation. He said he flew through the air to the top of the Hexenkopf, where an unholy revelry was taking place around a bonfire.

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