Table 1 Verdicts of Essex indictments

Table 1 Verdicts of Essex indictments

Sharpe, J. A; (2003) English witchcraft 1560-1736; Volume 1 Early English demonological works; pxii

My figures vary between 175 to 178 people accused of witchcraft as my database tables might contain duplicates where Ewen or MacFarlane have not identified two people with similar details as being the same person such as Agnes Duke of Hatfield Peverel and Agnes Whilland/Agnes Whitland of Dagenham and Joan Cock of Kelvedon/Hatfield Peverel (the two villages are nearby to each other).

MacFarlane, A; Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England; p256 (Ewen indictment number 58) & p260 (Ewen indictment number 233b)

Ewen indictment numbers155-157, 159 and 160 (all three were part of the St Oysth trials of 1582) W. W; A true and iust recorde, of the information, examination and confession of all the witches Thomas, K; Religion and the Decline of Magic; p536

show a large majority of witches as being female, this graph only starts to answer some of the questions regarding female power in connection with witchcraft.

Five yearly totals

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