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As you will have gathered from the last chapter, the art of magical warfare is not one to be undertaken lightly, if only for the reason that should the bolt misfire, it will inevitably rebound on the sender. Having accepted this possibility, however, many witches put the discomforting idea totally out of their minds, and proceed merrily on their nefarious ways without giving it another thought. Should you also be of that lighthearted frame of mind, then you will obviously want to learn some of those time-honoured methods of speeding effective curses on their way.

True to the general principles of witchcraft, the means used for effecting destructive ends is exactly the same as those used for constructive purposes. The only difference lies in the magical intent and symbolism involved. The medium for the transmission of power remains exactly the same of course, namely, the deep minds of both parties concerned.

The type of power to be raised for these operations of wrath and chastisement can take two forms: a binding, inhibitory power for inducing inertia or "tying someone's hands" - this pertains to Saturn; and a scorching, blasting power for blighting and burning (which is what people generally mean by a curse) - this pertains to Mars.

Those spells of a Saturnian nature make use of the same symbolism you have already encountered in the last chapter, namely that of Hertha, the Great Mother, seen in her negative aspect as the dark, terrible, Stony Bringer of Inertia, and Dame Habondia in her aspect of Noticula-Hecate, Lady of Night and Death.

The Mars Spells, however, introduce you to the fourth and final witch entity: He partakes of the nature of the last remaining magical element to be covered in this book, namely, fire.

You have, of necessity, already encountered this being in two places already, although without too much contact. He is none other than Cernunnos, the Horned One. The first instance being your manufacture of the Athame with all its implied Martial symbolism, the second the section on sex magic. He is a spirit of fire and energy, as symbolized by the torch he sometimes carries in his hand and the horns or antlers he wears upon his head. A light-bearer also, hence his title, Lucifer. In view of this, he is often represented carrying a blazing torch or candle on his head, which has sprung from between his antlers, in addition to the one he carries in his hand.

He is known by a variety of names to witches in addition to that of Lucifer: Cernunnos, Mamilion, Robin, Dumus, Hu, Janus or Dianus, Barabbon or Barabbas among others. His symbolism is partly akin to that of Thunor, the Norse Thunder God of Battle, and again of Pan and Dionysus, the classical gods of ecstatic debauch and revelry. In his alignment with fire, he evokes memories of Vulcan (Hephaestus) and Wayland Smith. As Vulcan is the suitor of Venus and Pan of Diana, so is the Horned One the pursuer of Habondia.

However, many witches who belong to female-oriented covens which focus their attentions more on the goddess than the god argue that the boot is actually on the other foot. Their contention is that it was, and is, the goddess who took the initiative in the chase. Examples ranging from the Gospel of

Aradia to the legend of Actaeon are cited as chapter and verse here. Cursing

Before embarking upon the ceremonial side of cursing, let us reconsider the more general aspects of overlooking, seen solely from the point of view of your pyramid power. As already mentioned, spells will always work better when the ground is well laid beforehand, and this is particularly true in the instance of curses. The person who knows he has been laid under a curse, whether he believes in the practitioner's powers or not, is actually in a far more receptive state of mind than he who remains in ignorance of the fact. It is for this reason that the conveyed voodoo doll comes in so handy, providing, of course, the spellbinder is quite sure there is no chance of its being used for any countermagic against her.

This eventuality can only be said to be completely out of the question when it is definitely known for a fact that the victim will either be too frightened to reply with countermagic or, as is more often the case, if he is the type of person who feigns total disbelief in witchcraft, deeming it all medieval nonsense. The latter is the readiest victim for your doll technique! You will know he can never condescend to indulge in any countermagic, and give full play to his superstitions. Of course, it is remotely possible that, due to his run of unbelievably bad luck, loss of wife, estate, and possibly all his hair, he may decide to review his past attitudes towards medieval superstitions; at that point he may take the step of consulting either a known witch or coven or, alternately, a sharp lawyer who specializes in cases of psychological intimidation. Then lazily sticking pins in dolls won't be enough. You will really have to use your wits; the battle will have just begun.

If you have the taste for actual physical confrontation, then the personally delivered verbal curse is really the most handy way of accomplishing the "act of information." Try to make sure you get your victim alone for this, though, of course, in some cases, particularly those of an impromptu nature, this won't always be possible.

Again, as in any act of fascination or close-quarter projection of your witch power, three types of contact may be employed - eye, hand, or breath. Owing to the nature of the operation, however, it is usually the first method which is mainly relied upon, hence the old term, the evil eye. As in love magic, you must first catch the glance of your victim and then hold it. This may prove harder than you think, particularly if your victim is aware of your reputation as a witch. You may have to accomplish it by saying something to the effect of "I never trust a person who won't look me directly in the eye" or even, as a last resort, "Have you ever noticed how one of my eyes is a different colour from the other?"

For delivering your curse, make use of the hand-of-power gesture - left arm outstretched, fist clenched, first two fingers pointed at victim. It definitely has dramatic appeal, especially when combined with a certain Druidic method of projecting your witch power. This involves standing solely on the alternate foot (the right) to the pointing hand, closing the alternate eye (also the right), glaring down the length of your outstretched arm with the open one, and delivering a full jolt of witch power.

As you do this, pronounce your curse evenly and clearly; some witches prefer to keep it dark and general in content, specifying nothing more than misfortune and misery. Others relish the graphic approach, revelling in a description of the torments they are about to unleash. The choice of approach is yours; however, I would counsel you to suit the approach to the victim. Above all, you don't want to be laughed at. This process of confrontation of the victim should then immediately be followed up with your ritual of wrath and chastisement unless, of course, you have sufficiently developed your powers to inflict a curse immediately without further ado. At this stage, however, this is highly unlikely. That kind of ability one is either born with or acquires only after years of practice.

In order to make your curse into something more than an empty threat, you are going to have to build a dark current or vortex. The utmost effort on the part of your pyramid powers will be called for here, combined with a pattern of constant repetition. Should you belong to a coven, then your task is that much easier, calling, as it does, on the combined pyramid powers of a group.

You are going to have to contact the abyss within you, and dredge up all those repressed hostilities and dark hatreds you have banished to the cellars of your mind from childhood onward. This can take time; to whip your emotions into that state of frenzy which will make the magic work is not a task that can always be accomplished at one sitting. It can be a work of some days at least, and because of the caustic energies it deals with and the harm they can quite obviously inflict on the user himself, it is not to be lightly embarked upon. This without even taking into consideration the possibility of the return current should the victim be adequately protected. Before embarking upon any operation of wrath and chastisement, truly calling as it does upon the powers of fire and darkness, make very, very sure in your own mind that the risk is worth taking. Only a mind in which no qualms or second thoughts are present can house and effectively manipulate the requisite forces.

One of the simplest ways of setting the dark current in motion by yourself alone is the time-honoured Black Fast method.

Every mealtime you should, if possible, confront what you would consider a delicious meal either in actuality or the imagination, and sternly reject it, in favour of a morsel of food, a glass of water, and maybe a vitamin pill or two to keep body and soul together. You must keep this up for a limited state of time, beginning and ending the fast within a properly cast circle, with the circumambulations performed "widdershins," against the sun, and naming your intention in the form of a curse, that "[victim's name] so come to grief." Repeat this same curse to yourself every time you refuse food. The process should last for two weeks - beginning at the full moon, or just after, and ending at the new moon. As the moon wanes, so the dark tide flows swifter.

This practice can be effectively camouflaged from your non-witch friends by the simple excuse of dieting. There is more to a so-called hunger strike than meets the eye.

The second simple way of laying a curse on somebody is by the Candle of Bewitchment.

Here again we make use of constant repetition as a magical device. Traditionally, the hour chosen for this operation is the stroke of midnight, but actually the best time for the attack is when you feel your victim is fast asleep, and therefore at his most defenceless. In most cases this would be sometime during the early hours of the morning.

You must begin the first of this series of bewitchments, as with your Black Fast, on or just after the new moon, that period of the lunar month known in the craft as the dark of the moon.

Every night, at exactly the same time if you can manage it, cast a floor triangle similar to the one in Chapter 4, using a Martial Incense of Wrath and Chastisement in the thurible; on your altar should be a phial of your Sabbat oil (see last part of Chapter 7 for this), your lamps of art, and of course your chalice; the cord, Athame, and workbook should be present as usual. Depending on the nature of the operation, one of Saturnian binding or Martial destruction, surround your altar triangle with a circle of cypress twigs, marble graveyard chips and pieces of bone, on the one hand, or your Cernunnos paraphernalia of holly, fir, ivy, and animal horn on the other. Within the altar triangle itself should be your candle of bewitchment, black for a ritual of binding and suppression, red for one of strafing and torment. It should be exorcised beforehand. For both Saturnian and Martial operations, a little powdered rue herb or myrrh should be mixed with the wine of consecration.

You must now tune your deep mind to the correct wavelength. For Martial operations using a red candle, you may use the conjuration of Cernunnos described in Chapter 4, beginning "Eko, Eko Azarak ..." In your mind's eye, see the Rampaging One: Between Cernunnos' horns from his forehead juts a blazing torch. In his right hand he bears either a flaming sword, a trident, or, alternatively, supports an immense burning staff of gold entwined with serpents and ivy and surmounted by a great gleaming pinecone: the Lord of Misrule!

With his coming, give full play to all the rage and torment within you. Feel the fiery blood of anger coursing through your veins! Allow yourself to be possessed by wrath and fury as you again perform your circumambulations widdershins, anticlockwise! Then take your scarlet candle in your right hand, and with your left begin to anoint it with Sabbat oil. Start at the centre of the candle and work first up, then down, up again and then down again. Keep this up for a full five minutes. It is the most important part of the spell. With each stroke, you should chant a jingle of your own devising encompassing your intent. It doesn't matter how simple or absurd it may be, as long as it suitably expresses your feelings toward the victim, and can be kept up rhythmically as you do your anointing. With all the power of your imagination, and all the faith and intent you can muster, you must actually try to see your spell working its mischief, visualizing your victim suffering all the pangs you wish on him. This type of spell is perhaps best employed for encouraging general misfortune rather than any specific disaster, relying purely as it does on the use of the fortified imagination for contact between the respective deep minds. Specific disaster should be left for envoutements using an object link, as described later in the chapter. On the other hand, should your candle burning be a Saturnian type of operation, that is, one aimed at the induction of inertia, forgetfulness, or frustration of some sort or other, then you must invoke the dark power Habondia, in her dark aspect, Nocticula, using a black candle. The conjuration such as the one to be described below can be used with effect here.

The magical landscape to be visualized should be one of darkness and mystery. One of those traditionally associated with the dead is as follows:

Night has fallen, winter has set in; the air is chilly. Two monolithic pillars of granite rise from the gentle hill, and between them winds the path of the dead, pale in the starlight. The two pillars mark the entrance to the realm of the dead, back of the north wind. Between them stands the representative of the dark power itself. The figure is neither distinguishable as male or female, an ancient robed in black, still and silent. The face is hidden beneath the shadow of a cowl drawn over the head. In one withered hand a staff of blackthorn is grasped; in the other a torch flickers with a resinous, smoky flame. An owl, the symbolic bird of death, is perched on the being's shoulder. In the far distance, the baying of dogs or wolves can be heard ringing in the chill night air. Their keeper, Nocticula, Ruler of the Dead and Warden of the Tower Adamantine, walks abroad!

This is the basic Saturnian image. Embroider on it with your own fantasies by all means. The more personal and sinister they are to you yourself, the more effective your magic will become. The one thing to remember is that they should evoke in you all those childhood fears of the dark, the deserted churchyard by night, the opening tomb, and the Thing in the cellar' All the horrors and bugbears that you can conjure up from your worst childhood fantasy should be pressed into service here, must be dredged up and put to use in initiating the dark vortex!

The floor triangle should be drawn in the usual manner, save for your altar decorations. A Saturn Incense of Wrath and Chastisement should burn in your thurible.

Repeat your conjuration to the four quarters, tracing a circle cross such as you used in your necromancy ritual at the four quarters with your Athame, the symbol of death!

Here is the incantation:

Agency of Ineffable Name and Vast Strength!

Ancient, Dark One; Thou cold, barren, mournful and pernicious!

Thou whose word is as stone and whose life is abiding.

Thou Ancient and Alone Impenetrable One!

Thou who keepest promises, who art weak and weary;

whose cares are greater than any other, knowing neither pleasure nor joy;

Thou Old and Cunning, supreme in artifice!

Bringer of ruin and despair, be present here and lend thy aid!

Consecrate the black candle with Sabbat oil in exactly the same way you did the red one, reciting your charm of intent as you do.

When you have completed the anointing, whether it is a red or black candle, place it within the altar triangle, and trace a glowing blue circle cross in the air above it with your Athame. Light it with the words "So mote it be!" Then settle down to a vigil of concentrated hate or rage. Keep this up until the candle burns itself out. (Because of the strain involved in doing this, it is best to employ fairly slender, short tapers.)

If your deep mind has been sufficiently attuned during the operation, your victim should begin to feel signs of depression or anxiety within about a day or so. Witchcraft of this sort doesn't always take effect immediately. It sometimes appears to need about twenty-four hours to percolate through the lower levels of the deep minds concerned and begin to manifest itself in waking consciousness. The secret of success here, however, remains as always in whipping up your passions to the required intensity, and at the same time alerting your deep mind by the correct degree of concentration and repetition.

While we're on the subject of Saturn-type operations, it is a good time to consider the whole subject of ligature in greater detail. Ligature, as we have already seen, simply means magical binding, usually performed by means of a symbolic cord or chain. As such, it pertains to the sphere of Saturn. In ancient times the Dark One's newest subjects were often laid to rest in the earth, bound hand and foot.

Before considering ligature proper, however, we should note in passing a process of a similar nature, using the same name but differing considerably in its aim.

On an earlier page, I referred to a certain use of the witches' cord wherein it is used by the practitioner to bind himself. This is done on two occasions. First, many witches believe that by restricting the use of limbs and blocking up the avenues of the senses, the inherent witch power can be let free to wander abroad, either in an invisible form as a disembodied and clairvoyant astral body, or a semiembodied, half-materialized fetch.

The witches' cord itself is often used for this purpose of immobilization. For the sensory deprivation itself, a mask is worn, covering the entire head but leaving the mouth free to breathe. This is sometimes referred to as a witches' cradle or witches' bridle (not to be confused with the old Scottish instrument of torture of the same name). Second, the mask and the cord are both also used in ceremonial coven initiations, and here they symbolize the blindness and bondage imposed by the mundane world upon the candidate.

In neither of these cases is the cord ligature a process of dark intent. Rather the opposite in fact. Not so ligature proper.

Should you as a witch wish to bind someone to prevent his carrying out some action or other, one of the best methods of accomplishing your aim is by using one of the variants of the spell known to many practitioners as The Tanglefoot Charm.

Obtain an object link from your victim, either a strand of hair which you must plait into a cord with some red twine, or an article of clothing in which you can tie knots comfortably. On a night when the moon is waning, preferably a Saturday midnight just before the new moon, cast your triangle with a Saturnian fumigation, having bitter wine in the chalice, and stone twigs and bones upon your altar. In the altar triangle should be your specially prepared cord. Invoke the dark power, using the circle crosses and the counterclockwise circumambulation, and when you feel that chilly, numbing presence is at hand, only then begin your spell.

Take the cord in your left hand (always the left hand for operations of darkness), and tie nine deliberate knots in it, starting with one at either end and working inwards. As you do so, chant this incantation, employing your witchly imagination to strongly visualize the result of your spell upon the victim. See him unable to speak or perform whatever the action is you wish to prevent.

[N] I conjure thee, by night your eyes are blinded! By clay your ears are stopped! By earth your mouth is sealed! By rock your limbs are bound!

Having tied the last knot, chant "So mote it be!" Take the knotted cord, and bury it in the ground somewhere, softly chanting these words as you do:

Twist and tangle [N] never to rise up again. Your eyes are dimmed, your limbs are bound. Thus I lay you down to rest still and silent in the ground!

You carry out a little symbolic funeral in fact.

Incidentally, should you wish to unbind this spell, you must perform a ritual which does everything in reverse. Invoke the powers of the air to release the victim. Dig up the cord on a Wednesday while the moon is waxing. Cast a circle, using a Mercurial incense, and invoke Herne with your square of Mercury. Begin by untying the centre knot and working outwards, in the reverse sequence you tied them in, chanting a jingle with each knot, such as,

By the winds your limbs are freed, by the breath your mouth is opened, by the word your ears are opened, by the light your eyes are brightened. [N] I conjure thee, awake, arise; so mote it be!

While doing all this, you must wield your powers of imagination to see the magical bonds falling from the erstwhile victim.

Ligature is a comparatively mild method of chastisement (unless, of course, it is applied as it was on occasions in the past, to one of the victim's natural processes such as the ability to produce children or urinate). The more vicious and well-known method is of course envoutement, the immolation of a wax or clay image or puppet, as it is known in the craft.

This is usually accomplished with the aid of steel or iron, in the form of your Athame blade, or by dagydes, steel pins. As with the magic of defence, the magic of attack often makes use of steel or iron in its practices. This metal, symbolizing as it does fire and destruction, accords well with the nature of the Horned One in his aspect as a spirit of the wild hunt. The Athame is strictly your main magical implement of aggression. However, many witches, when they band together to form a coven, use a sword for group-work. The symbolism is exactly the same. A sword is merely more dramatic in its effect, especially when used during initiation rites. But magically speaking, the simpler witches' knife is just as effective.

To consecrate a sword, you proceed in exactly the same way as your Athame, buying and exorcising the sword previously without bargaining over the price. Astrologically speaking, iron is the metal ruled by Mars, and it is the raw energy of this stern principle that we canalize in our invocations of Cernunnos in his aspect of Horned God of Warfare and destruction. I shall return to the subject of envoutement later under the heading of "Grand Bewitchment." Meanwhile, whenever you wish to contact "Mars" within you, whether it be for purposes of sending the Horned One, grand bewitchment, or storm raising, a good device to make use of initially is the talismanic square of Mars, a process similar to those of Mercury and Saturn, which you have already encountered.

The Square Of Mars


























(The numbers in each line, vertical or horizontal, add up to 65.)

On a Tuesday night, when the moon is waning, take your exorcised talisman square and divide it up into twenty-five compartments, five down, five across, with pen and ink of art. In your thurible, burn a Martial Incense of Wrath and Chastisement. (See the last section of this chapter.) Now devise a jingle, phrase, or word for yourself which you feel suitably represents the power of war and destruction in your mind. Again, it can be a list of the names of war gods from a variety of pantheons such as "Thunor, Balor, Ares, Mars!" or a name of the Horned One himself such as "Barabbas, Barabbas!" or the old witch curse "Rentum tormentum!" ("Rend and torment them !") or a word which you feel conjures up the full burning, terrifying presence of destruction such as "Hiroshima ! Hiroshima! Hiroshima !"

Each number must now be written in, infused with the fiery intensity of a repetition of your charm, using your witchly imagination to whip up a series of suitably terrifying and aggressive thoughts in your mind. Again, as always in operative witchcraft, it is only your personal imagination that can really trigger off the powers of your deep mind. It is at this point that you must feel frenzied enough to gnash your teeth, as I mentioned earlier. This was no idle comment. When you have completed the number 25, seal the square with the triple cross and "So mote it be!" You should be fairly exhausted by now after expending so much violent emotion. If you aren't, then maybe you weren't using enough effort, and the talisman will not be nearly as effective. You will really have to push yourself. Such passion is not in a person's normal run of emotions.

Wrap the square in an exorcised cloth and keep it in a safe place. You will be making full use of it for any Martial "tuning-in."

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