Useful Sachet Powder Ingredients

Lavender Vervain

Orris root ("love" or iris root)

Balm (Melissa officinalis)

Rue (use for a clear head in love matters!)

Hawthorn blossoms

Periwinkle blossoms (Virica major and minor) Yarrow (potency lasts seven years - good for marriages)

Dragon's blood reed (more traditional to the United States, brings back straying lovers) Mandrake root (Bryonia dioica. Don't eat this. Highly suitable for Cernunnos magic) Olive leaves (calming of strife) Cowslip flowers

Satyrion root (Any type of orchid. Not advisable to eat. Highly suitable for Cernunnos magic)

Myrtle leaves or blossoms

Balm of Gilead buds

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmarid)

Jasmine blossoms

Violet petals


Lignum aloes



Southernwood (Artemesia abrotanum, or "lad's love")

Most of these herbs can be bought from any shop which specializes in herbal medicines or botanicals. Make sure the herbs are unadulterated though; many shops try to get away with tricks like substituting bay for myrtle and so on. Incidentally, a very good amatory herbal bath sachet to be used before any adventure in love, whether it be an act of witchcraft or a night on the tiles is simply prepared as follows:

Mix together these dried herbs on a Friday when the moon is waxing:

7 parts lavender 6 parts rosemary 5 parts rose petals 3 parts lovage 2 parts verbena leaves 1 pinch orris root 1 pinch thyme 1 pinch mint 1 pinch sage 1 pinch marjoram

Tie up in a piece of thin muslin or cheesecloth, and steep in your bathwater. This may sound like a fascinating bouquet garni but I can assure you many witches find it highly potent for chases d'amour!

Rosemary by itself can be steeped in pure water, and the infusion obtained used as an amatory wash for the hands, or for sprinkling to the four quarters of the room prior to any invocation of romantic love and Habondia. It tends to be quite unsuitable for Cernunnos, however.

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