Useful Philter Components


Sea holly root, or Eryngo (Eryngium maritimum)


Dill or anet




Cowslip flowers (Primula veris)

Endive (when used as a sachet, potency lasts seven days)

Linden or lime tree flowers


Grain of Paradise, also known as Egyptian Paradise seed Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca]

Ginseng root (much favoured by our Eastern copractitioners) Violet petals

Sweet sedge (sweet flag, Acorus calamus)





Rose petals (can be used in form of rose hip syrup)

Apple (either blossom or fruit itself)

Lovage (Levisticum officinale, "loving herbs" of old lore)



Juniper berries Valerian

After being consecrated, the herbs can also be made up into love sachets given to the person who longs to be desired. They should be carried about on the person and tucked under the pillow at night. Make the sachets themselves of thin white cloth tied up with red ribbon, yarn, or thread; this is the traditional witch method. (For more detailed information on sachet powders, see the next chapter.)

Finally, here are some twenty extra useful love herbs for use in sachets only which you may care to experiment with. In all cases the herbs singly or mingled together should be consecrated in the name of either Habondia or Cernunnos, with the intention of the charm firmly uttered over them while they are being tied up with the ribbon.

Some of these ingredients should be kept extremely well-guarded and labelled, however, and never under any circumstances be administered orally as a philter; they can be highly poisonous and the effects extremely nasty. I have listed them accordingly.

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