Tormentil Spell

This can be performed as it stands of with full ceremonial chalice preparation as used for your other philters, among which it may be grouped. I place it here rather than with the others on account of the rarity of the herb itself, which though once commonly stocked by herbalists for its astringent properties, is now something of a rarity and, as such, only deserves mention among our quainter reminders of bygone days.

Pound or grind to powder the root of Potentilla tormentilla, repeating the name of the person you desire over and over as you do.

Then take a pinch of powder, and with it, either compose a philter in distilled water, or drop it into the person's food, uttering these words as you do.

Tormentil, Tormentil, make [name] subject to my will. Be he bound, or be he free, as my will, so mote it be!

Personally, I have never tried this spell, not ever having had the luck to obtain any tormentil. There may still be some around in out-of-the-way herbalists. If you ever get the chance, buy some and try it. It used to be a sorcery much attested to a century ago.

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    What is the uses of tormentil in witch crafting?
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