Three Simple Spells for the Jilted Witch

Rise before sunrise on a Saturday or Tuesday when the moon is waning Select a branch (traditionally of hazel, but any tree will do) of one year's growth and lop it off with your Athame, chanting these words as you do:

I sever thee, thou virgin branch, in the name of [victim's name] for the purposes of his downfall!

Return home with this switch, and that night, when you feel sure your enemy is sleeping, cast a circle using an incense of wrath and chastisement. Then visualizing the face of your victim in the altar triangle, and beginning at the east, begin circling the altar and rotating on your own axis counterclockwise. As you do, chant these words with each personal revolution; make as many of these pirouettes as you can fit in.

Droch ! Mirroch ! Esenaroth! Betu! Baroch ' Maaroth!

Whenever you find yourself facing the altar, strike it hard with the switch held in your left hand. Make three complete revolutions of the circle. When you finally reach the east after your last circuit, drop to the floor, completely "letting go" and chanting the words "So mote it be !"

Traditionally, the person who has offended you will feel the blows, if not actually on his face, then at least dealt out by fate. However, as this spell uses no power object or object link, it relies solely on the witch power of the operator, and as such must be classified as an elementary, less complicated process than most.

Another uncomplicated bit of sorcery, which uses a power object in the form of a philter to be made into cakes or cookies; these must be sent to the unsuspecting victim and his newlywed wife, hopefully as a wedding gift, shall we say.

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