The Thurible

Again, a simple process. Buy a new metal chafing dish or incense burner, preferably with small legs or a stand to raise its base off the tabletop to prevent scorching.

Fill it with about an inch of sand. This will provide good insulation from the heat of the burning charcoal. Now, again when the moon is waxing (this will always be the case, unless otherwise stated), exorcise the thurible with charged fire and water in the same way that you did your cup. Then paint the proper symbols around it, chanting the following words with each symbol and again charging them with light. You may mix a little dragon's blood resin with your paint if you like, for added potency. "Blessed be thou creature of fire!"

Paint your witch name around the base, repeating the letters and charging them as you do so, and again terminate the spell with the words "So mote it be!" This is your complete thurible. With it and your cup you will henceforth perform all your water and fire exorcisms.

Now that we are equipped with our main tools of consecration, we shall deal with one of the most important of all the other witch tools:

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