The Spell of the Black Cross or Reversed Pentagram

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Either of these two symbols can be used for this spell, depending on whether you wish to curse or bind. The Black Cross is none other than our necromantic circle cross, signifying death purely and simply, as the skull-and-crossbones motif does normally; it should be used for binding. The upside-down pentagram, however, with two points aloft, signifies either the horns of Cernunnos or, more properly, man dominated by the power of the four magical elements, as opposed to dominating them (one point aloft). It should be used for cursing. First, obtain a reasonably recent photograph of your victim. Now on a night when the moon is waning, preferably in its darkest quarter, cast a circle using an Incense of Wrath in your thurible.

On the altar, place your Athame, fire, water, lamps of art, pen and ink of art, and wand. In the altar triangle, the photograph. Now, approaching the altar and facing north, state the purpose of the magical work you are about to perform as concisely and forcefully as you can, calling upon and visualizing intensely Cernunnos or Nocticula-Hecate, depending on whether the magic is one of cursing or binding. You are merely calling these entities to witness the use of your own witch power, rather than summoning their actual presence with which you propose to identify temporarily. Hence the use of a circle as opposed to a triangle.

Having stated your intention clearly, you must name the photograph by asperging and fumigating it three times, stating each time: "Creature of paper, I name thee [N]! Thou art [N]!" Then, with your wand of divination and air, you "breathe life" into the photo symbolically by writing the person's name in glowing blue witch fire above it thrice, chanting it out loud each time as you do. Now, as in your necromancy and Vassago rituals, bear the photograph around the circle, clockwise, carrying your wand in your right hand as you do. Display the image at the four quarters, beginning with the east, and chant the victim's name at each of them. Finish at the north.

This completes your identification of the photograph with the victim. Now you must embark upon the darker element of the ritual. Moving, always clockwise, to the west of the circle, face east across the altar, replace your wand, and take in your left hand the pen of art. With it, draw the circle cross of death or the reversed pentagram on the photograph, very slowly and deliberately, chanting as you do: "I [witch name] inflict upon thee [victim's name] such and such sorrow or misfortune," or some statement of intent. Remember, your own words are always best. Now, replacing your pen of art, take up the Athame in your left hand, and repeat your words and actions using the blade instead of the pen. At this point, you must really narrow down your attention and pour all the concentrated anger or loathing you feel towards your victim into your actions. See the blue witch fire from your blade crackle about the photograph! Burn him with murderous intent!

Complete the initial ritual by exhibiting the charged photograph held in your left hand to the north, west, south, and east, in that order three times consecutively. Twelve times in all. Each time you raise the symbol, announce at each quarter:

As the symbol dwindles so shall my words prove effective!

This is the reverse circumambulation known as the path of darkness, performed widdershins; northways, against the sun, and it completes the first half of the process. The second half deals with the facilitation of the power transfer by means of a power object, following the principle laid out in Chapter 4.

The next day (ideally the selfsame night) visit the home of your victim in secret, and draw lightly in Sabbat oil or gum Arabic the circle cross or reversed pentagram, whichever you happened to use, on the threshold of the house or apartment. Trace over this symbol with your Athame, charging it with witch power. Should it be impossible to get to the threshold, trace the symbol at a point where you know your victim will have to pass and set his foot. This work of magic is, in fact, nothing less than the erection of a psychic booby trap. Hence the use of oil or gum to form the basis of the symbol: It must remain invisible to the physical eyes of your victim. Incidentally, the symbol is programmed solely to react to the victim's presence, so it should in no way endanger any other passer-by.

All that remains to be done now is to destroy the photograph slowly. The best way to accomplish this is to dissolve it in a pan of dilute nitric or hydrochloric acid (a photographer's developing pan is ideal for this) face up, so that you can watch the image fading. Failing this, simply tear a small piece off the photograph every night at approximately the same time as that which you performed your ritual. This process, sometimes known as the lesser bewitchment, is, as you can see, a rather unpleasant one. Most of the operations detailed in this chapter are similarly so, involving as they do the sustained forces of hate and fear. But if the Powers of Darkness fail to worry you and you remain determined to make your weight felt as a witch and equally determined to risk the consequences, then these are the processes to use. But when you sup with the devil, you must needs use a long spoon; and as I mentioned before, the only "spoon" really long enough is that rather unethical method of getting someone else to do the dirty work for you. And even then you will still have to consider the possibility of magical reprisals, should you be found out. As I mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 5, your occult activities never go by completely unnoticed. It is my belief that "something" if not someone is always alerted whenever occult balances are tipped one way or another by the considered use of witch power by an individual or group.

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