The Show Stone and the Magic Mirror

Consecrated globes of crystal or glass, otherwise known as scrying, seeing, or show stones, have been used from time immemorial by witches in the development of clear seeing and the questioning of spirit entities. In the past they were made of quartz or beryl but with the development of high-quality optical glass, natural crystal has passed out of use as being too expensive for the average witch. Or, if a show stone, be it glass or crystal, was too difficult or expensive to obtain, a witch would resort to a magical mirror, or speculum, which is economical to make and every bit as effective as the former.

Whether you, as a beginner witch, choose to use one or another of these items, what you will need is a black cloth or board to cover your table of practice, with a triangle of manifestation either painted on in white or stitched on in white tape. The triangle's sides should each measure about twelve inches. The triangle is a very old witch symbol, and represents the crystallization of form out of chaos. You will find it employed throughout witchcraft whenever some type of physical or magnetic manifestation is required.

Some Cabalistically inclined witches surround the triangle with a double circle, and between the two circles they inscribe the names and seals of the seven planetary angels and the demon kings of the four quarters of the earth, while others seek to enhance the potency of the figure by fortifying the sides of the triangle with the Hebraic divine names— Primeumaton, Anaphaxeton, Tetragrammaton—and placing the name of Michael, leader of the heavenly host, within; but none of these things is strictly necessary.

All you basically need is the triangle prepared with intention which is accomplished, as with your other magical tools, by exorcising and consecrating your materials with fire and water (using a Mercurial incense) in a properly cast circle on a Wednesday. Then, go to work using a charm to state your intention such as "Blessed be thou, focus of power," again, as with all your other artifacts. Finally, cense and seal with the triple cross.

At the same time that you make the triangle, you can also manufacture the pedestal for the show stone. This you may make simply from a square slab of exorcised wood, say six inches by one inch, depending on the size of your crystal. Make a slight rounded hollow in the centre to contain the show stone and prevent it from rolling off. It should be stained or painted black with an exorcised paint in which finely powdered wormwood herb is mixed. All the time you work on it, you should continue the use of the mantram that you evolved for the triangle. Many witches surround this pedestal with the names of the four Cabalistic archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, or their symbolic representatives, the zodiacal signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. Again, however, this is not strictly necessary, merely a matter of personal preference.

Finally, wash the show stone itself in an infusion of wormwood, place it on its stand when dry, and cense and seal them both.

Should you, however, wish to make a speculum, or mirror, instead of buying a crystal, obtain a concave clock glass or chemical watch glass. Using the same formula that you composed your triangle by, exorcise and consecrate the clock glass. Then paint the convex side with two good coats of black enamel and wormwood. Hollow out a piece of wood in the manner suggested for a show-stone pedestal, stain or paint it black with wormwood paint, and glue in the black mirror, curved side inwards. Cense and seal.

This is your speculum, which may be used in exactly the same way as the crystal. Both the mirror and the show stone should be kept wrapped in a black cloth, preferably silk, when not in use.

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