The Sator Spell

Here is an experiment of love which makes use of a simple written talisman to be carried by the person who wishes to be the object of desire. It is a spell which does not make use of the law of transmission, however, but rather acts as a "booster" on the deep mind of the supplicant.

For a change, this process borrows from Christian symbolism rather than the other way round. However, you do not have to be of Christian persuasion to make use of it. It has been in existence long enough—nineteen centuries in fact— to gather round it a potency as a love spell quite independent of its early ecclesiastical origin. The good use it has been put to down the years by practitioners of the craft is ample evidence of that.

The name of this particular piece of Magic is the Sator Spell. The words of the charm itself probably derive from the words Pater noser and "A. O." standing for Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Pater noster is the Latin for "our Father," the first words of the so-called Lord's Prayer. "Alpha and Omega" is one of the many titles bestowed upon Jesus by the early Christians, meaning the "first and the last," a reference to his attributed divinity. These words were sometimes formed into an equal-armed cross, which symbol though pagan in origin, as has been already mentioned, became a suitable stock on which to graft the newly arrived cult symbol, the Latin or cross of crucifixion. This emblem was then used as a code sign among early converts.

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    How to perform the sator spell?
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    Where can i get free books on witch craft for warlocks and sp3rdlls?
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