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The other lust spell you should definitely be acquainted with for last resorts is the famous puppet spell, sometimes referred to by snobbish practitioners as I'Envoutement d'Amour. This is the one I mentioned earlier in the chapter as being an excellent example of the use of both object link and power object. Here it is.

Select a Thursday when the moon is waxing at 8 A M., 3 P.M., or 10 P.M., and after securing your usual privacy, deck your altar table with horns and evergreens as in the previous experiment, the chalice of wine outside the altar triangle, the lamps of art, and your thurible containing a suitable Cernunnos incense. Within the triangle should be placed freshly exorcised modelling clay or beeswax either of which are easy enough to obtain. Also a few hairs from the head of the person you are going to bewitch, or some of his nail clippings. Hair is usually easier to obtain. Failing both these things, an item of the victim's clothing will do - a tie, sock, or handkerchief - anything so long as it has been worn by the victim.

To complete your preparations, as in the previous spell, draw a large equilateral triangle on the floor around yourself and the altar with the point of your Athame, big enough to walk around in, and in such a manner that the sides parallel the one on your altar covering. Again, you may mark this great triangle out with white masking-tape beforehand if you wish.

When you have drawn the triangle, place the Athame back on the altar in the small triangle alongside the modelling materials and hair.

These preparations should be sufficient to have alerted your deep mind, so you can now begin the spell, chanting the invocation to Cenunnos at each side of the altar and again anointing it with a dab of wine from your chalice.

Now when the cold shivers on your spine inform you that the Horned One is indeed present, take the clay or wax and mould it into a doll whose features resemble your victim's as closely as you can manage. A bought doll is a very poor substitute, although some witches do use them - half the magic is contained in the modelling process. I have known other witches who go to the opposite extreme and not only take the pains to get the features right, but even go so far as to build the doll up from a tiny skeleton made of pipe cleaners, which is then "fleshed out" with modelling clay. But don't worry, just do your best. It really doesn't matter how crude the puppet is, just so long as it is the best you can manage. The one important thing to remember is that you must clearly delineate the sex of the mannikin. That is, you must exaggerate the sexual organs of the doll in such a way as to be quite apparent that they are in a state of extreme sexual excitement.

When you have finished your modelling process, carefully press the hairs into the puppet's head, or if you have nail clippings, stick them gently into the extremities of the arms and legs. Should you have a piece of clothing, wait till after the next operation before wrapping it around the doll's body like a makeshift coat. Then take your Athame and, with the tip, scratch the words (victim's name), son or daughter of X and Y (victim's mother's name and father's name). Then turn the image over and scratch on the back of it:

"N" (victim's name) lusting for "M" (supplicant's name). At this point, if you are using a piece of clothing instead of hair or clippings, tie it around the puppet. Now consecrate the puppet with oil and wine, chanting these words as you do each time and strongly projecting the mental image of the victim onto the figurine as you do so.

In the name of Cernunnos, the Horned One, Creature of earth [or wax], I name thee [N], son [daughter] of[X] and [Y]. Thou art [N], son of [X] and [Y].

Then seal it with the triple cross and the words "So mote it be!"

Having done this, lay the completed puppet in the altar triangle face up with its head pointing to the east. Take the Athame in your right hand (left if you are left-handed) and raise it high above the image, pointing at the place where its heart would be; now, visualizing Cernunnos himself standing behind you guiding your hand, strongly project the mental image of your intended victim onto the puppet, trying to see it as him. When your mind is set unwaveringly on this idea, chant the spell thus, whipping your emotions into a final torrent of fire as you do :

It is not my hand which does this deed but that of Cernunnos, the Horned One. As blade pierces heart, so shall the loins of [N] burn with lust for [M] [supplicant's own name].

With that plunge the Athame forcefully into the puppet's heart uttering the usual sealing words "As my will, so mote it be !" Withdrawing your knife, wrap the hapless puppet in a purified linen cloth.

This fulfils the first condition of the law of transmission, that is, work accomplished by means of an object link. In order to enforce the spell by satisfying the second condition of the law, once you have wrapped the puppet in the clean, exorcised cloth, you should then at some point conceal it somewhere in the victim's vicinity, burying it under the eaves of his house or hiding it in his home where he won't find it. Failing that, bury it under a spot over which he is sure to pass. But be careful to hide it in a place where he won't get his hands on it, for two very cogent reasons. The first is simply that you should avoid letting your victim get the wrong end of the stick about what kind of magical blast is being aimed at him. If he happens to harbour a secret and maybe unconscious fear of the occult and discovers your puppet labeled with his name and gashed through the heart, the spell could very well misfire and, far from summoning desire, more likely engender a hearty loathing in him for you, your client, and the entire unholy business. Amatory magic is a very touchy business, in many ways much more so than works of wrath and chastisement, hexing, and the like.

The second, less obvious but far more important reason for concealment is one which may not occur to you as a beginner witch but would leap to the mind of an old pro immediately: Should your victim himself turn out to be a dabbler in the Black Arts, or indeed intimate with one such as yourself who is, it would be a comparatively easy operation for him to divine the direction from which the magical onslaught emanates, and by means of the very same puppet, being impregnated with your magnetism, bring about your magical downfall in any number of ingenious ways. Therefore, let me again reemphasize a certain degree of caution, at the risk of sounding repetitious and unnecessarily wary.

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