The Periwinkle Spell

Having observed the correct time of the month and day and prepared your place of working in exactly the same manner as for the preceding Coriander Spell, assembled your ingredients, kindled the thurible, and invoked Habondia:

Take dried leaves of periwinkle (Virica major or minor), Mercury herb, Cinquefoil, vervain, and rose petals, place them in your mortar and grind them to a fine powder. Repeat as you do so, over and over, a jingle to declare your intent such as, "By this act I draw [name] and [name] into a bond of love and desire." Then taking two very small pinches of the resultant powder, mix them with the water in the chalice, again charging it with the full force of your crystallized libido, and again sealing with the triple cross and the words "So mote it be." Leave the philter to steep for twelve hours, strain through fine muslin or cheesecloth, and introduce it secretly into the food or drink of those named in the charm.

Generally speaking, I think you may find this the more successful spell of the two, owing to the potency of the ingredients, which the coriander, although mildly effective by itself, cannot hope to compete with.

Finally, there is the True Love Philter. This has been with us a long, long time, and is no less effective than the former potion, when properly used, but is rather less employed owing to the scarcity of one of its ingredients, namely mistletoe berries, rare at most times save Christmas. You will generally find magical practitioners avidly buying up mistletoe when it appears in the shops around December, and not putting most of it to decorative uses, either.

The procedure adopted for composing this philter does not vary from that of the Periwinkle Spell, save in its ingredients, which are:

Dried seeds or flowers of elecampane Dried vervain leaves Dried mistletoe berries

Pound and mix with the water in the chalice exactly the same way as you did in the Periwinkle Spell.

The process of actually introducing a few drops of the philter into the food or drink of your victims is an art in itself. If you are a witch given to cookery, the process can be made relatively simple. Should you be on sufficiently good terms with your intended victims, and of course a sufficiently well-

accepted cuisiniere, the gift of a few home-baked cookies or even a chocolate souffle may not be considered unduly strange.

Of course, the ideal method of introduction is by simply dining or taking refreshment with your intended subjects, and dexterously laying your spell during the evening when you are not observed. Of course, you must be extremely circumspect about your actions lest you get known for this kind of activity; you may then begin to find you are mysteriously losing friends, despite the fact that they may be finding themselves beginning to take an equally mysterious delight in each other's company.

Should neither you nor the person who requests your services as a witch be a dab hand at cookery nor feel yourselves sufficiently nimble to sprinkle a few drops of your philter into your subject's food or drink, then never mind; there is another possible way of accomplishing your ends. Buy a pack of cigarettes of the brand you know your victim to smoke, and with a small eye-dropper, introduce a few drops of the philter onto the tobacco of each cigarette. All that remains is that you or an accomplice offer your victim a friendly cigarette: Your aim is thus very neatly accomplished.

There are any number of other ways of solving this simple problem, and I shall leave it to your resourcefulness and imagination to devise them for yourself.

Witches, of course, have been famous for supplying love potions and philters throughout the ages. Notable cases like La Voisin in Louis XIV's time spring to mind. A lot of them, including La Voisin, often employed revolting ingredients in their mixtures, like powdered toads or the desiccated dust of moles, usually whipped together with a good helping of some highly poisonous aphrodisiac like cantharides, the notorious Spanish fly. This was, and still is, a sure telltale giveaway for the inefficient witch. The bludgeoning effect of drugs is the last resort of the ineffectual spellbinder. Witchcraft is effected by magical art, not chemical means. Always remember that in your workings.

Most of the simple though traditional love spells that clutter up the workbooks of older witches tend to be rural charms mostly unsuitable for the modern urban witch who lives in an apartment in New York City, or a semidetached in Croydon, England. Some of them, however, preserve the real flavour of old-time witchery, and as such deserve mention in passing.

One making use of the second law of direct transmission is the

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