The Pentacle of Protection

Now you have all the instruments except one that you will need for the greater forms of divination. That last implement is the pentacle, which it is advisable to wear during any ritual involving conjuration, bar none, whether it be a sending or a divination. Should the power raised by the formulae "short" and rebound upon you as the operator, or in any way go awry, the pentacle of protection will be your only means of "earthing" the force if it is one which has been raised via the deep mind of the operator himself and, as such, is not subject to the restricting power of the boundary circle, which limits the activities of any alien or invading entities. Cautious practitioners don the pentacle for all magical operations, even rudimentary ones of casting the runes or a simple love spell. For instructions regarding the making of your pentacle, see Chapter 5 which deals with the important matter of countermagic and protection.

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    How protection from witches n warlocks?
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