The Magical Lamps

At this point, it would be a good time to mention some important artifacts, which you will need, often improvised the last minute, but in actuality as needful of proper preparation and consecration as your Athame or wand. The are the candlesticks or lamps of art. Quite apart from magical significance of light itself in your witchcraft, the is the very practical necessity of being able to read you workbook of art within the circle, should you need to use long, unlearnable conjurations riddled with complicated words of power. The candlesticks are simply made. If you aren't handy with woodcarving or don't have access to a potter's wheel, buy without bargaining (most important, this) as many candlesticks as you feel you may need in your rituals. Some witches like to place one at each cardinal point of the circle and one on the table of practice in the centre, making five in all. Or if the ritual be one involving a seeing stone or speculum, you will need two or three lights on the table, which in addition to the four cardinal points will make seven or eight in all. Usually, however, the cardinal point lights are used only at full ceremonial coven rituals and are generally common property of the group.

For the individual witch, two candlesticks are quite sufficient. Should you wish to make the candlesticks, as opposed to buying them, you must first exorcise your raw materials whether they be clay, wood, or metal by fire and water in a properly cast circle. As this work pertains to the nature of illumination and the operations of light, it is best performed on a Sunday, the day of the sun, preferably around noon, Having cast your circle at the requisite time and lit a solary incense, purify your materials or newly purchased candlesticks (which may be made of any material you choose). Then formulate in your imagination the brilliant, burning light of the noonday sun, and repeating a blessing with each rune such as "Blessed be thou, creature of light," paint the following characters with your materials of art, right to left as usual. When finished, seal them with the triple cross and "So mote it be," and store in your safe place till you need them.

Always use exorcised white candles in them during your rituals, unless otherwise directed. (See page 52 for Candlestick Runes.)

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