The Love Knot Spell

All you have to do to accomplish this piece of witchery is to possess yourself of a few hairs from the head of the person you seek to influence. A hairbrush and comb is the most likely place to look for these. People are apt to get suspicious, rightly so as it happens, if you smilingly produce a pair of scissors and blithely purloin a lock of their hair.

Prepare your place of working as already indicated with pine-cones, ivy, evergreens, and horns. In your thurible, burn one of the Cernunnos incenses suggested at the end of this half of the chapter; in the chalice pour a few drops of red wine. On the floor, with the point of your Athame, trace around the edges of a large equilateral triangle, big enough to contain yourself and the altar and allow you plenty of room for movement. This should be marked out with white tape beforehand.

Begin the spell by chanting the following ancient invocation to the Horned One, starting in the east and repeating it to each quarter, travelling clockwise.

As you do so, cense and anoint each side of the altar table with a dab of wine from the chalice. This in effect is consecrating the triangle to the service of Cernunnos.

At the same time, try to visualize yourself as standing in a small clearing within a vast, dark forest. The tops of the tree close far above you over your head, and through the green twilight you can hear in the distance the trampling and occasional cry of a wild beast as it crashes through the undergrowth. It seems to be approaching the clearing in the trees where you stand, drawing ever nearer each time you face another quarter to repeat your invocation. Now you can even smell the rank goaty smell of the beast! It is Cernunnos himself, the Horned One in his dark semianimal form with rearing antlers and erect phallus, eyes burning like coals in the forest gloom. Finish your call to the north, and see him vividly in your mind's eye standing in the east outside the perimeter of your charmed triangle. You may visualize him as the classical god Pan, the Sabbatic goat or even as that figure of Elizabethan romance, Robin Good-fellow, or Puck. These are all but faces worn by Cernunnos, god of the witches!

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