The Love Dream

A traditional variant of the Dreaming True Spell is that of the St. Magdalene's Eve Spell, which date, incidentally, is held by witches to be sacred to Habondia, no less.

In order to perform this operation, which traditionally should be done only on St. Magdalene's Eve, July 22, and the aim of which is to procure a dream of a loved one, rather than one of knowledge, prepare a bath in the same manner as in the Dreaming True Spell mentioned in the last chapter, but under your pillow tuck a sachet of St-John's-wort (hypericum) and a piece of paper on which has been inscribed the name of your beloved.

Prior to turning your light out, drink a potion composed of half a cup of distilled water, three drops of white wine, three drops of gin, three drops of vinegar that has been stirred with a sprig of rosemary. This should be mixed in your witch's chalice.

Then dream on!

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