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Pour a small quantity of pure distilled water into the chalice, and count seven coriander seeds into your mortar. Pound these well and strongly summoning an image in your mind's eye of the person or persons that the spell is designed to affect, call their names aloud three times, and chant these words,

Warm seed, warm heart, let them never be apart.

Then cast the powder into the chalice, imagining as you do so the full force of your desire entering it also. See it as a flame descending on the surface of the liquid. Complete the spell with the words "So mote it be!" and draw the seal of the triple cross in the air above the cup with your right fore-finger. Leave the herb to steep for about twelve hours; then strain the philter through fine muslin or cheesecloth and introduce it secretly into the food or drink of the person or persons the spell is desired to affect.

This spell is a good example of the use of a power object, as in fact are all the following philters. Now which of the philters will be most successful for you to use is going to be a matter that you should experiment with on your own account. Some witches swear by the Coriander Spell, other have more success with the following:

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