The Cord

otherwise known as the girdle, cingulum, or cable tow. The latter name derives from its use in various initiation rituals, some of which will be explained in Chapter 7. The cord is used basically to measure the radius of your circles, for binding things—and even, on occasions, for binding oneself! (For this, see under the heading "Ligature" in Chapter 6.) To make the cord, you should ideally spin your own flax or gather your own river rushes. Never mind, though; do as most urban witches do and buy a ball of red ribbon. From this you should measure off three six-foot lengths. When the moon is waxing, exorcise these with water and fire, and knotting the three ends together, start braiding them, chanting the following jingle, binding in the magical light with each twist:

Made to measure, wrought to bind, blessed be thou cord entwined.

When you finish, make a large firm knot with the free ribbon ends to prevent them from unravelling, and repeat your sealing words, "So mote it be!"

Finally, tie another large knot three feet six inches from the first knot, a further one at four feet, another at four feet six inches, another at five feet, and yet another at five feet six inches. These will be the measurements of the triple radii when you use the cord as a compass cord for your magic circle. Using it to measure by, you can make two different triple circles; a larger one for coven working and a smaller one for solo spells or small groups.

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