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Here is a ritual of wrath and chastisement passed down to us originally by the witches of medieval Spain.

It is a conjuration of the Horned One, using his Christianized titles, "Barabbas," "Satanas," and "the devil." In his destructive aspect, Cernunnos could well be allied with those images, although nothing like the usual Christian theological background for his existence is accepted by present-day members of the craft. However, the spell is impressive, and traditional, even with the implied theological red herrings.

Cast a triangle on a night when the moon is waning, using an incense of wrath and chastisement. Decorate your altar with your usual Cernunnos embellishments. In the centre of the triangle, place your glowing thurible.

Summon Cernunnos with the incantation, "Eko, Eko Azarak, etc." Then take a small amount of purified salt, coriander seed, and a small carnelian, or sardstone. Not only is this a magical "accumulator" or fascination gem, but it is also a Martial red in colour. Place it in your pestle and mortar, and grind the substances together. They don't have to be pulverized to a powder, just sufficiently to mix well with one another. Divide the resultant mixture into three heaps.

As midnight strikes, scoop one of the heaps into your left hand, and chant the first part of the spell, passing it from hand to hand, to and fro, as you do:

Salt and coriander, I conjure thee by Barabbas, by Satanas, by the devil cursed be! Not as salt and coriand I call thee but the heart of [victim's name]!

With that, cast the mixture into the thurible fire with your left hand. As it blazes up, continue:

As thou burnst, so let the heart of [N] burn; and bring it here to me! Conjured by the Queen of Sard, by the underworld itself, by the sailors on the sea!

[N] I summon thee by Barabbas, by Satanas, by the devil conjured be! By the underworld itself, Spirit of the Sard, enter in [N]

and bring him quickly here to me!

Powers of the abattoir, guide him here to me! Powers over Cocodover, bring him quickly here to me!

With more messages I send to call thee, by the Queen of Sorcery, by the Queen of Elvenhome who walks the fields by day, the crossroads haunts by night spinning wars and enmity!

I join you all! Now go we all enter [N] silently, from thence I return home yet again after twisting his side, his lungs, and the strings of his heart most terribly!

Repeat this three times in all, using the second and third heap of powder for each repetition. At the end of the third repetition, seal with the triple cross made with the left hand, and the words "So mote it be!"

Before you deal with the great keystone of destructive witchcraft, "Grand Envoutement," or bewitchment, I would mention three considerably less sinister though traditional minor processes which cater to the jealous witch.

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