The Athame

The Athame, or witches' black-hiked knife, is the instrument we use to draw magical circles and other diagrams, in the midst of which many of our spells are cast. Some witches, following the Cabalistic tradition of the old magical grimoire, the Key of Solomon, also employ a white-hilted knife, in addition, using the former to cast the circle, and the latter for anything that needs to be ritually dug, engraved, cut, or pierced. Most present-day witches, however, refer the white-hilted knife to the ranks of the lesser instruments, and rely entirely upon the Athame in their operations.

Buy a steel knife with a black handle; the blade should be about five or six inches long. When the moon is waning, make an infusion in distilled water of any of the Martial herbs listed at the end of Chapter 6. Into this, mix a few drops of blood, either your own, traditionally that of a black cat, but that of a fresh beefsteak, chicken, or lamb chop from your nearest supermarket will do. Your own is best, however.

Exorcise the knife with water from your cup and incense mixed with some of the aforesaid herbs burned in your thurible; then proceed to heat the blade of the knife on the thurible coals until it gets as hot as possible. You will have to stoke up a good heat to do this. When the blade is good and hot, plunge it into your waiting brew, chanting these words, and visualizing the knife glowing with power after each immersion:

Blade of steel I conjure thee to ban such things as named by me. As my word, so mote it be!

This process of tempering, or forging as it is called, should be repeated three times.

Having accomplished this, you must now magnetize the blade by stroking it repeatedly with a lodestone or bar magnet. Hold the Athame in your left hand, the magnet by one end in your right, and beginning at the handle end of the blade, draw the tip of the magnet down the whole length to the very point. Keep this up for a good five minutes, always stroking in the same direction, chanting these words at each stroke:

Blade of steel, I conjure thee attract all things as named by me! As my word, so mote it be!

Finally, paint the proper runes upon the handle in white paint with which you may again mix any of the powdered herbs you used in your previous infusion. Chant the following words to charge each rune: "Blessed be thou knife of art!"

Then paint your witch name on the reverse side of the handle, again spelling the letters out loud to charge them, finishing with the usual words "So mote it be!"

Finally, you must bury the Athame for three days and three nights in the earth, point down. Your backyard will amply suffice.

At the end of this time, you may dig up your Athame, and, wrapping it in an exorcised piece of cloth, tuck it safely away, ready for future magical use.

The third of your working tools is:

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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