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In order to understand this mysterious process, by which you will be effecting your more lustful ambitions, we should first glance briefly at the theory which underlies the practice.

The art of fascination, in itself an integral part of all witchcraft, can take many forms, ranging from the simple matter of "binding" someone (enforcing one's will), to the more exotic and difficult practices such as the "binding" of animals (snake charming), and control of physical phenomena like the gathering or splitting up of clouds (weather working) and controlled poltergeist phenomena (smashing windows, levitating ashtrays, etc.).

The human body radiates energy, which forms an egg-shaped cocoon about it which modern occultists call the aura. Exactly what the nature of this energy is and where it comes from we don't know; the prevalent theory among witches is that it is produced via the nervous system. It is known variously by the names od, odyle, magnetism, telergy, or simply witch power.

Red-haired people are said to possess this energy in free-floating form available for projection more than any others, hence the awe and fear that the red-headed witch has been held in from the time of ancient Egypt down to the present day. Set, the sorcerous brother of Osiris, was reputed to have had red hair; back in the old country in the eleventh century William Rufus (son of William the Conqueror) was publicly much feared on account of his connections with witchcraft, red hair, and the evil eye! Today the red-headed witch has become something of a cliche, but the origin of the belief is rooted in centuries of witch knowledge. If you have red hair, you are lucky indeed!

This energy, or witch power, is in fact what you have been using all along to empower your rituals. It can, however, be used without the assistance of a spell, if you learn how to project it correctly. This projection is known as fascination. Generally speaking, the power can be projected by strong mental action alone. However, most practitioners find it much easier to do when accompanied by a gesture of some sort.

Strangely enough, witch power seems to be more strongly emitted from some areas of the body than others. These are: the eyes, the mouth, the hands, and the genital organs. Because of this fact, the gesture has a more important function than merely a psychological prop for the practitioner. In fact, when you wish to exercise your witch powers directly, especially in sexual matters, there are three things you should endeavour to do:

1. Fix your victim intently with your eyes.

2. Get into manual contact with him.

3. Contrive to breath on him somehow.

No doubt these things will all be second nature to the seasoned seducer, but magically speaking they do enable your power to make contact with your victim more easily.

Here is a brief quotation from a witch's old workbook on the subject, which though archaically phrased gives a very good description of the basic eye practice:

For when your [the witch's and her victim's] eyes be reciprocally bent one upon the other and are joined beams to beams, and lights to lights, then the spirit of one is joined to the spirit of the other and strong ligations made - And most violent love is only stirred up with a sudden looking on, as it were, with a Darting Look, or piercing into the very inmost of the heart! ...

While trying to fulfil conditions 1, 2 and 3 you will stir your deep mind, summoning all the pyramid powers into activity, letting your imagination run on a lustful rampage, bending your basilisk gaze upon your victim with all the intensity of a burning will held steady by the hand of faith, the while maintaining that enigmatic secretive smile which is the trademark of your craft.

An old dodge used by witches for pumping up the power to its required intensity is the use of rhythmic breathing. Here we make use of two principles: The oxygenation of the blood to bring increased energy, but more importantly, the mental tying of the in-and-out breathing with the pulse of the bloodstream and acceleration of it accordingly. This has the effect of quickening the metabolism, and generally enhancing the output of nervous energy available for conversion into witch power.

The ideal way to employ your powers of fascination are, of course, if you can get your prospective victim onto home territory; the witches' lair! Invite your victim round for drinks and dinner, hopefully with the moon waxing on a Friday, though this isn't generally necessary. Friday, apart from magical consideration, is a good night, as your victim in all probability won't be pressured to rush off after dinner on the pretext of work the following day!

Put him at his ease, serving cocktails before dinner if you like but keeping everything casual and intimate; use candlelight if possible. Wear a dab of your Cernunnos perfume. (See end of chapter.)

Prepare the dinner yourself. This will provide you with an ideal opportunity to employ your philters. But don't overdo them. You don't want the food or wine to acquire a strange taste.

The meal itself might well consist of a juicy meat dish, as rarely done as you can manage it, well-garnished with sage, thyme, or coriander philter powder, and maybe served with a crisp side salad containing such amatory vegetables as endive, parsley, raw carrots, and apples; chilled tomatoes stuffed with basil can also be a good thing to serve.

Of course, oysters and champagne are excellent in these matters, but you should first take the trouble to find out whether your victim appreciates them. Some unfortunate souls find them nauseating even to contemplate, and this is hardly the frame of mind to cast your future lover into at the beginning of the evening! It might be well to find out exactly what your victim's tastes in food actually are before you even embark upon the meal, and vary your menu accordingly. One of the surest ways to a person's heart is through the stomach.

Apropos of this, at the end of this chapter you will find a full list of amatory herbs and plants which you may be able to weave into your cooking.

For dessert you can deliver your whammy. Cardamom apple pie! Both cardamoms and apples are extremely magically potent in matters of love, and can be readily combined in this very acceptable and homey recipe.

After dinner, philters can again be ever so subtly introduced into liqueurs. These should be drunk in a room which you have previously fumigated with a suitable love incense; the lights should be low, and music may be playing very softly in the background.

You should contrive to place your victim so that he is seated with his back to the west. You should be in the east, the place of power. You may now begin your process of fascination, secure in the knowledge that he is all but yours for the taking.

At this point, you must introduce your eye technique. How to catch your victim's gaze with your own is a matter of individual preference. Some witches still use the old dust-in-the-eye dodge. Others just fix their gaze rudely on the point between the eyes of their victim without more ado. In my opinion this is die best way - the frontal attack!

Should he - I say he; it will be she if you happen to be a warlock - should he, in fact, sternly resist all your attempts to catch his eye, then you can only conclude that maybe he has guessed what is afoot; you should then immediately pass to phase two of the operation, manual technique. This is effected by the introduction of an exterior object of some delicateness or precision, which will be placed in his hands for closer scrutiny. Your witch jewel loaded with your magnetism is ideal for this. Now while he is examining this, you must take the opportunity to settle close enough to him to initiate and maintain some form of manual contact with his body, beaming all the concentrated force of your witch power into him through the link, whether it be shoulder, waist, knee, or even more intimate parts.

Should he by some devious process manage to elude your grasp, move directly to phase three, breath technique. In order to do this, you must arrange yourself in such a way that you can actually breathe on him, preferably near his face and ideally into his mouth, again powerfully emitting the full radiance of your witch power through your open lips. At this point, you will probably have gained full ocular contact at last, so you may also use this additional channel for your powers of sorcery.

Having got thus far I would say you are off and away. All that remains is that you turn the conversation instantly to matters of sex.

However, if all else fails, I can only suggest you resort to the use of one of the following spells.

Not everyone is always immediately successful at fascination, inasmuch as the powers of the pyramid need practice and application before they can be switched on and off at will. But keep working at it! As I say, all things yield to perseverance, matters of love no less than anything else.

Should you gain no appreciable result the first time around, one of the following spells will aid you in your entrapments. The last two are very potent and can be of considerable help to the lustful though maybe as yet unfascinating practitioner.

The rituals themselves in this area of magic are ruled by a very different power to Habondia. In fact, we are dealing with her consort, the Horned One, in medieval times claimed by the church to be none other than Satan himself. The attribution is merely scholarly, however, as the Horned One existed long before Christianity came into existence, with its concept of the devil. Whereas Habondia's symbol is the dove, Old Horny's is the goat. To students of symbolism, this attribute should speak for itself. The goat is the age-old representative of lust and debauchery, and Cernunnos himself, for such is his witch name, is frequently represented as possessing the cloven hooves, horns, and erect phallus of his attribute.

His symbolism has much in common with that of the Greek god Pan with his attendant satyrs and silenoi and the prehistoric phallic giants carved into the turf in various places around England such as the Cerne Giant and the Long Man of Wilmington. He is the god of the dead, winter, and chaos, and it is from this aspect that he derives his title, the Lord of Misrule. Herein he is characterized as the King of Debauchery and Licentious Frolic. The mid-winter festival of Saturnalia is dedicated to him, and witches celebrate this about the same time that Christians celebrate Christmas.

Whenever you wish to perform a spell whose object is to boggle someone's mind with lust, you should invoke holy Cernunnos with all the powers of the witches' pyramid. Instead of Habondia's flowers, however, upon which Old Horny tramples joyously, you should surround your altar triangle with pinecones, evergreens, and the horns, teeth or hooves of animals which are all especially held sacred to the god.

We are not dealing with the gentle mystery and twilit glamour of Habondia's womanly enchantments, but rather the darkness of the Wildwood, the trampling and snorting of the god of beasts, and those rude and basic facts of life, the rearing phallus and the hungry vulva.

To begin this section on lust, here is a small traditional spell, more suitable for performance by the male warlock, to stir up the baser passions in a lady. It is not much in use nowadays for obvious reasons, but it is quaintly illustrative of the use of the principle of direct transmission. Though there is no ritual to speak of here, nor any invocation to the Horned One, he and his ministers are definitely present in the warlock's mind when he makes use of this charm.

The ingredients for this sorcery are simply a bitch in heat and another male dog, plus a small, attractive looking glass such as the warlock knows will prove acceptable to the object of his lust. Now the trick of this spell lies in arranging that the two dogs couple on a Thursday around the hour of 8 A.M., 3 P.M., or 10 P.M.; having arranged for this accordingly, you must then contrive to catch the reflection of the copulating dogs in your looking glass, uttering this spell forcefully as you do so, and bending your basilisk gaze on the scene before you:

I the dog and she the bitch, I the helve and she the axe, I the cock, and she the hen. As my will, so mote it be!

Having done this, hopefully without exciting too much attention from your neighbours, either present the loaded looking glass to your future ladylove as a gift, or in some way induce her to gaze into it. One look and she will be lost to you. Be prepared to have the clothes torn from your back.

The rituals of this section are also best performed on a Thursday, a day held sacred by witches to the more aggressive approach to love, again at 8 A.M., 3 P M., or 10 P.M. Unlike any other spell you have performed before, however, you will be employing a grand triangle of manifestation, and the instruments of power will be your Athame and chalice; the altar should be decked with animal horns, evergreens, and so on.

Now the first spell that utilizes the awesome power of Cernunnos is a process which exists in at least fifty variants in the witch world; it is known by the rather inoffensive name of the Love Knot, a tame title for such a dramatic piece of sorcery. Its object is to render the performer the object of overwhelming lust for another stated person. It can have a backwards and destructive method of employment which we will return to in a later chapter under the heading of "Ligature"; but for now I shall dwell on its positive aspect.

Whereas simple love philters will generally only conjure sweet yearnings of tender passion (unless of course heavily dosed with aphrodisiac drugs), the Love Knot is highly potent traditionally, when it comes to unashamedly stirring up lust, and is often used as a last resort along with the Puppet Spell.

Like many other really powerful spells, it introduces the element of time into its working; water cannot break rocks swiftly, unless used in great quantities, but a steady drip-drip can do wonders with erosion. Often the deep mind is far more receptive to the drip-drip variety of persuasion than it is to the blockbursting approach of instant all-out magical attack.

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