The Apple Spell

Apples being a fruit sacred to Habondia, it is entirely appropriate that they should figure as much in love magic as they do. Here is the original spell translated from the workbook of a German witch in rhyming couplets:

On Friday early as may be, take the fairest apple from the tree, then in thy blood on paper white thine own name and true love's write.

That apple thou shalt in two cut and for its cure that paper put, with two sharp pins of myrtle wood join the halves till it seem good.

In the oven let it dry:

And wrapped in leaves of myrtle lie, under the pillow of thy dear, yet let it be unknown to her.

And if it a secret be she soon will show her love for thee.

Myrtle, like the apple, is also sacred to Habondia; also the spell is true to all the usual witch principles in its insistence on the fact that it must remain a secret, and the two apple halves with the paper sandwiched between remain undiscovered by the victim.

Another simple piece of old-time sorcery you might care to try is the

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