Signs of Identification

All witches and warlocks usually possess items that are often known by occult ritualists as jewels; in a witch's case these are items worn like jewelry signifying Witchdom to those that have eyes to see, often bearing in runes the witch's name, the symbol adopted by her coven (should she belong to one), and her rank in it if it possesses a hierarchy of any sort. They usually serve three purposes—that of providing a means of recognition between members of different covens; a talismanic "link" with the collective mind of their own group by means of which they "plug in" to the elemental powers drawn down at the Sabbats; and third, sometimes as a means of "Fascination," that is to provide a reflective surface of the same sort often made use of by hypnotists when they wish to throw their subjects into a trance. The ring and pendant which often contain gemstones, are generally the only jewels which are put to the latter use, however. One jewel which definitely does not fit into this latter category, however, being hidden mostly and only revealed at Sabbat meetings, is the garter. This and the girdle cord I shall consider last.

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