Sabbat Wine

Any red wine will do for this. During the winter Sabbats many covens drink this mulled with addition of aromatic herbs and spices. A mixture of sweet and hard ciders and brandy, simmered with cinnamon sticks and clove-stuck oranges may also be used.

However, some ambitious witches make use of the follow ing cordial as an additive or accompanying drink. It is very complicated to make and requires distilling, but it is highly appropriate as a summer Sabbat beverage.


6 oz. hyacinth blooms 1/4 lb. violet petals 1/4 lb. wallflower petals 1/4 lb. jonquil petals

1 oz. orris powder

1/2 oz. powdered mace

2 oz. orange or lemon essence 1/4 lb. lily of the valley flowers

The process is this:

Bruise the hyacinth petals, orris root, and mace together with one gallon of alcohol in a glass container toward the end of March, in fact when the hyacinths are in season. Toward the end of April, add the jonquils, and then the wallflowers and lilies of the valley. The liquid must then be well stirred every day for a week, at the end of which time, the liquor should be distilled off very slowly and carefully, preferably using a bain-marie.

The flowery essence is very potent and, in fact, is more in the nature of a perfume than a real liqueur. However, I am informed it makes an excellent additive for the wine, if not consumed by itself.

Thus concludes this witchcraft primer. Many things, of course, remain to be said and will have to wait for a later date.

The rudiments, however, are here presented. The old gods are not dead. They still live, ever ready to harken to man and his requests.

You need but ask; the way is open to you.

Let us celebrate the return of the old ones!

So mote it be!

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