Portable Amulets

The cross-stone, also known as staurotides, is, in fact, a crystal of ferrous aluminium silicate or staurolite, which occurs naturally in orthorhombic form (a crystal possessing three planes set at right angles to each other). In fact, the crystal is formed in the shape of a three-dimensional Greek cross or solid cross of nature; symbolically, this indicates the seven mystical dimensions of space, namely north, south, east, west, the abyss above, the abyss below, and the holy centre. Herein lie the seeds to the complex Cabalistic Ararita formula. The amulet should be suspended in a red cloth bag tied with red thread from the neck of the bearer, again laying him "under the spell of Hertha's protection."

Also considered a potent earthly amulet is the image of the hand making the phallic "sign of the fig," fist clenched, thumb thrust between first and second fingers, carved in nephrite (jade), amber, coral, jet, carnelian, or any other fascination gem, again suspended in red from the bearer's neck in Hertha's name; an old iron key will also serve the same purpose, being similar in its sexual implications.

Elf-shot, ancient flint or stone arrowheads of pre-Celtic "Pictish" origin, have always been considered highly potent by witches in matters of protection, the manner of employment being no different from the preceding items.

Last, but by no means least, there is the famous siderite. This is a stone made of magnetic iron oxide, otherwise known as lodestone or magnetite. From time immemorial siderites have been treasured by witches, and if you were to try to choose between wearing one of these as opposed to one of the preceding four, I would counsel you definitely to decide on the siderite. Though slightly more complicated to manufacture and maintain, many witches find it well worth the effort.

By the light of the full moon (the window must be open if you perform this ritual indoors), place the lodestone on a piece of talisman paper which in turn covers your workbook. Now consecrate it with as many drops of Sabbat oil (see Chapter 7) as there are years in the prospective bearer's life, plus one extra dab for the present year, chanting the following quaint formula with each touch:

"May Hertha bless thee [N] with all her might and main."

See the drops of oil glow as they touch the stone, infusing it with witch power. Then tie the stone loosely in a red flannel or chamois leather bag bound with red ribbon with the sealing words "So mote it be." I say "loosely" because every full moon the bearer is going to have to remove the siderite, and after dipping it in a glass of water and drying it, sprinkle on it a small pinch of iron pyrites dust or iron filings "in Hertha's name." This is known as "feeding the stone." The siderite must be worn around the neck or carried about in the pocket.

In the past, male practitioners would often carry this amulet about with them suspended close to the genital organs, traditionally this being said to increase the sexual vigour and potency of the bearer. In this instance, the Horned One was involved in conjunction with Hertha in the initial consecration. However, in these days when a large family seems more an encumbrance to be guarded against than encouraged, this doesn't seem quite so popular a device as it once did.

Finally, before I embark upon detailing methods of magical defence as opposed to countermagic generally, we should mention that all-important subject of familiars.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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