Martial Sachet Powders

"Fell," or "baneful," amuletic herbal sachets, better known in the United States as hex powders, can be composed from the following herbs and woods used simply or in combination. If required in sachet form, they should be bound with red ribbon or yarn in the waning moon, preferably in the day and hour of Mars (8 A.M., 3 P.M., or 10 P.M.). Most of them should never be administered for consumption in philter form, being extremely poisonous. They are traditional witch herbs, however, and deserve to be mentioned for that reasons, though maybe best left well alone.

The first listed are not poisonous and, as such, are those you should find a place for in your witch's cabinet.

"Strafe" - blackthorn leaves (Prunus spinosa) Pepper - black, white, and cayenne Ground ginger root Dried chilis

Dragon's-blood resin (used as stain by violin makers) Powdered sulphur (flowers of sulphur) Pulverized holly chips - Ilex aquifolium (do not eat) Pulverized ash chips - Fraxinus excelsior (do not eat) Pulverized hickory chips - Carya alba

Dried stinging nettles - Urtica dioica (and any other herbs or spice of an astringent nature) Euphorbium - Euphorbia corollata (in the United States, "Snow on the Mountain" - poisonous) Gum bdellium - balsamodendrum

Wolfsbane - monkshood, Aconitum anglicum (of the same family as the field buttercup, Ranunculaceae - poisonous)

Gum ammoniac (formerly used as a cement - poisonous) Death cup mushrooms - Amanita phalloides (deadly)

The remaining complement of baneful herbs are those of a Saturnian nature.

The traditional Saturnian incense of wrath and chastisement is composed of black poppy seed, henbane, mandrake root, powdered lodestone, and myrrh. This should be well mingled together and incorporated with the brain of a cat and the blood of a bat.

However, for your purposes, the following recipe can be used quite satisfactorily:

4 parts gum myrrh

1 part dried, powdered yew or juniper 1 part dried elderberry leaves or twigs, powdered 1 part dried, powdered Cyprus twigs

1 part patchouli leaves (or a few drops of patchouli oil) 1 pinch of magnetized iron filings or lodestone dust

Failing this, pure gum myrrh may be burned alone in the thurible.

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