Martial Incenses

This traditional magical Martial Incense of Wrath and Chastisement was composed of the following ingredients:

Gum ammoniac, euphorbium, bdellium, black and white Hellebore roots, powdered lodestone or magnetized iron filings and sulphur, mingled with a few drops of blood of a man, a black cat, and the brain of a hart.

Many of these ingredients are, not surprisingly, poisonous, and two at least of the last difficult, if not objectionable, to get hold of.

In view of that, an alternative more modern Martial incense may be composed more readily of the following:

4 parts powdered dragon's blood resin 4 parts dried powdered rue 1 part dried ground peppercorns 1 part dried ground ginger 1 pinch sulphur

1 pinch magnetized iron filings or powdered lodestone

Alternatively, you may burn pure dragon's blood, sulphur, or asafetida in your thurible. The last two are of an extremely offensive and pungent odour and should not be used in large quantities. Sulphur especially should be used very sparingly owing to its choking fumes.

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