Lovers Dissension Spell

When the moon is waning, cast your circle; in the altar triangle place your chalice. Wreathe the triangle as for your Hecate-Nocticula spells. Within it, place the following items:

A pinch of grated orange peel, a pinch of salt, and a few grains of pepper, cumin seed, and powdered rue. On top of this, pour a small amount, say a quarter cup, of boiling, distilled water, which should also be on hand. As you pour the water onto the mixture, chant the following charm, and visualize strongly those persons caught in the hostile predicament it is designed to effect.

I [witch name] make this philter. May it bear malediction, deep affliction, here upon this married pair,

May they never be united, may they quarrel every day, may their marriage-bond be blighted ere a year has passed away!

This shall be the life between them, let that life be as it may!

Seal the spell with "So mote it be!" and three crosses made with the left hand. Finally, introduce the philter as you would any other, in chocolates, cookies, a bottle of homemade wine or in whatever way you can best accomplish it. You may also wish to reinforce the potency of the philter by backing it up with this third process, which may be put into operation on the same evening, within the same circle.

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