Love Incense

First, an incense to be used with all general works of love such as the composition of philters, the Planetary Spell, etcetera.

Traditionally, witches used to make this of musk, lignum aloes, red coral powder, tincture of ambergris, and rose petals, mingled with a few drops of pigeon's blood and the desiccated brain of a sparrow! However, modern witches generally omit the last two ingredients and substitute an old culinary standby, the white of an egg, strangely enough. This, apart from its magical effectiveness, also can be used as a binding agent for the powders, should you wish to compose ready-made incense cones or pastilles as opposed to loose granules.

All or any of the flowery perfumes are appropriate to these operations, so if you should wish to substitute for the ambergris, which even in its synthetic form can be quite expensive, you may safely employ oils of myrtle, jasmine, rosemary, violet, verbena, or sandalwood - frankly whichever you happen to find the most seductive. You may even mingle in a perfume you intimately connect with one of your climactic experiences of the past to great advantage. Coral powder, traditionally has a magical affinity with operations of love, but again, due to its comparative rarity, many modern witches also omit this. The ground rose petals and the powdered lignum aloes provide a very good solid base to mingle the flower oils or essences with. Musk and civet essences may also be mingled to great advantage with your incense, but these, like ambergris, tend to be on the expensive side. Many modern haute couture parfumiers utilize these three essences or their synthetic substitutes as bases for their most closely guarded recipes.

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