Invocation to the Horned

Eko; Eko Azarak! Eko; Eko Zomelak! Eko; Eko Cernunnos! Eko; Eko; Arada! Bagabi lacha bachabe; Lamac cahi achababa, Karellyos!

Lamac Lamac Bachalyas; Cabahagy Sabalyas, Baryolas!

Lagoz atha Cabyolas; Samahac atha femyolas, Harrahya!

Return to the east, and facing west across the altar, gather up the three pieces of twine and consecrate them with incense and wine in the name of the Horned One. Then knot the ends of the twine and braid them together, binding the hair into the plait as you do. Summon up the image of your victim in your mind's eye as you do this, repeating this quaint jingle over and over:

Lord Cernunnos I ask of thee, let [name] no pleasure, sleep, nor solace see, till heart and loins be turned to me!

When the cord is woven, tie the free twine ends together forcefully with the words: As my will, so mote it be!

No triple cross of sealing is necessary here since the tying action is forceful enough on its own. Fasten the finished cord around the upper part of your thigh if you are a woman or around the genital organs themselves if you are a man, tight enough not to slip, but not so tight as to restrict the circulation of the blood. This would only be self-defeating. Wear this cord, or cingulum as we call it, for twenty-eight days, removing it only for showers or bathing.

Should no appreciable result have occurred by this time, you up the ante, so to speak, and set the seal on the magic by performing this final part of the spell:

Prepare your place of working with a large floor triangle again and with the usual arrangements of lamps, incense, and pinecones on the altar, making quite sure that the thurible contains a good quantity of glowing charcoals. The chalice should be back again in the triangle, this time containing a few drops of olive oil, red wine, honey, and your own blood or urine.

Then invoke Cernunnos at all four quarters as previously. Remove the cord and tie nine knots along it, beginning with one at either end and working in pairs towards the centre, where you should place the final one. As you do this, repeat your charm with each knot:

Lord Cernunnos I ask of thee, let [name] no pleasure, sleep, nor solace see, till heart and loins be turned to me!

Finish on the last knot with "As my will, so mote it be!"

Having done this, dip the cord briefly in the chalice so that it picks up a few drops of the liquid, then cast it, together with a few grains of your incense, onto the thurible coals, repeating these words with all the intense conviction, not to say lust, you can manage:

Ure Spiritus Igne

Renes nostros et cor nostrum

Fiat, Fiat, Fiat!

The second half of the process reinforces the subtle effect of the first on the victim's deep mind, and gives it a sharp reminder of what all the nudging has been about.

Incidentally, some malicious witches who take a delight, indeed pride themselves on such matters, perform the Love Knot in reverse on pairs of lovers or married couples. This operation is known in the craft by the interesting French name Denoument des noeuds, or "loosing the marriage knots." It has been practised through the centuries, and sixteenth-century theologians such as Del Rio, De Lancre, and Bodin spoke frequently of it in their writings. It was one of the prevalent witch practices which fanned the flames of hysteria in the public mind almost more than anything else leading to popular endorsement of the great witch persecutions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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