Herbs and Incenses

For all divinations, great or small, whether the operation be one of mere sortilege such as casting the runes or a grand operation of necromancy, two easily accessible Mercurial divination incense ingredients are extremely useful to have on hand at all times: namely, gum mastic and cinnamon (the latter preferably in oil or essence form).

The first may be obtained at any good art materials suppliers as it is used in picture varnish, while the second can be obtained easily enough from any pharmacy. These two ingredients may be fumed on top of charcoal by themselves as divination incense or mixed with the following traditional recipes to form a more powerful blend.

1. Wormwood (Artemesia) Flax

Cardamons Anise Camphor Chicory 3. Valerian root Saffron Wormwood St.-John's-wort (Hypericum)

5. Violet roots Parsley

2. Orris root Fennel

Pomegranate skin Red sandalwood Poppy seed

4. Linseed Psellium

6. Anise Poppy seeds Camphor

7. Cloves (powdered) Frankincense Mastic Cinquefoil

Any or all of these may be mixed to advantage with Solomon's-seal and/or holy thistle herb to enhance the effect. Experiment to see which type suits you best.

Dittany of Crete is mixed with any incense where a materialization is required in the operation. Most if not all of the herbs aforementioned may be obtained from any shop which handles the sale of botanicals. Substances like the gums and essences, such as camphor and cinnamon, can be obtained at the pharmacy.

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