Formula of Exorcism by Salt Water and Incense

Basically, any form of words can be used to exorcise something, ranging from a long ecclesiastical-sounding Latin invocation to a simple jingle. Witches generally prefer the latter. Here are two charms that can be used for exorcism, and which partake of the nature of jingles:

Taking a small handful of new salt and casting it into a bowl of fresh water, breathe these words onto the water's surface, mentally visualizing—and this is the important thing —with all the faith, will, and imagination you can muster, a dim bluish light beginning to hover over it as you do.

Water and earth

Where you are cast

No spell nor adverse purpose last

Not in complete accord with me.

This is now your charged salt and water of exorcism which you will use to make your working tools.

Similarly, casting a few grains of good-quality church incense onto a glowing charcoal block contained in an ashtray, chant as you hold your hand outstretched over it:

Creature of fire this charge I lay, no phantom in thy presence stay. Here my will addressed to thee; and as my word, so mote it be!

Again, strongly visualize the coals radiating that strange blue light as you speak. With this charged fire, you will complete the exorcism of your raw materials.

Now the first working tools you should make are the cup and thurible. In fact, as soon as you have made these you will be using them to contain the water and fire respectively, rather than relying on the services of any handy bowl and ashtray.

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