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In the circle of firelight which we are pleased to call an enlightened scientific civilization, we usually feel secure in the knowledge that most of our worst childhood terrors and nightmares were merely fantasy. But if and when the firelight happens to dim, at those times when the unknown presses hard upon us, in the presence of death or insanity or insurmountable calamity, we again know instinctively that science is ultimately irrelevant, and we once again experience the old childhood terrors.

We are still powerless in the face of overmastering fate. Science still completely fails to come to grips with that outer darkness beyond the flickering ring of light.

However, down the ages it has seemed to some intrepid souls that only with weapons forged from the darkness itself, and by the aid of those others before them who have made it their business to know the ways in and out of the unseen world, can any man maybe hope to bend to his will an indifferent fate, whose roots appear to reach back into the outer regions of that night.

Among those who understand the darkness which is no darkness to them anymore are those that tread the way of witchcraft. They of their own accord have walked beyond the ring of firelight and learned the paths in the wilderness beyond.

Now that Aquarius is upon us, the gates have swung back revealing as never before the secret workings of those who practise the Black Arts. No more are we constrained by common law to hide our doings; the stake and the noose are things of the past, and we may once more choose our own gods, bright or dark. The day of the pale Galilean is passing, and the restrictions imposed by his devotees are losing their thrall upon the public mind, leaving people free once more to return to the old teachings of joy and knowledge of arts once forbidden.

Our Lady Habondia and her horned consort hold court once more. Should you wish to tread the dark path of witchcraft, the way is open to you now.

Whether you believe the Christian bugaboos and fear to lose your soul in return for the powers or, like us, consider the gamble well spent, is up to you.

Should you decide the former, then read no further. The aim of this book is solely to teach you the first steps to becoming a witch or warlock.

But remember, the choice was yours. We take no responsibility for the results you may achieve, good or bad. Witchcraft is witchcraft. The seeds of success or destruction lie within you and you alone. Night is jealous of her secrets and guards them in many ways; but those who succeed in wooing her may reap many rewards.

On the other hand, those who timidly shun the darkness win temporary respite only, until such a time as the darkness itself reaches out and takes them when they are least forearmed.

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