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The Word "witch" comes from the same Anglo-Saxon root as "wit" and "wise," and in its original form Wicce or Wicca meant "a knowledgeable person" or "wise man." The knowledge in question was arcane and generally forbidden by the religious or civil authorities.

Any form of consultation of a witch by a layman was and still is always begun by an occult diagnosis of the situation inquired about, prior to any action being taken. "Finding things out" is therefore of the same primary importance to the modern witch as to her Dark Age counterpart. Nowadays there are many such methods of magical diagnosis extant, ranging from elaborate ceremonial Tarot divinations to numerological analysis or simple teacup reading. But the true methods of divination as practised by the traditional witch still remain relatively unknown, and it is with these that I shall be concerning myself in these pages.

To the aware witch, time is not a continuous ribbon passing under the keys of some celestial typewriter, but rather a complex field extending into many different directions and dimensions. Given that view of time, that a man should possess a definite future as concrete as his past and present, albeit unseen for the most part, will not strike a witch in any way as odd or unrealistic. The whole process of divination of the future rests on this approach to an understanding of the true nature of time. Paradoxically, although the future is already "out there," the witch does not feel that her actions are already doomed to one simple course by rigid predestination. The nearest approach to an explanation would be to say that each one of us, at every moment of time, confronts a series of different choices in action. One of these ways we will take, for whatever reasons. That way as well as others is already "out there."

However, be that as it may, we still have a control over our choice of actions. We can make the destiny "out there" become a good one or a bad one, depending on our varied talents, opportunities, and, of course, choices. When a witch talented in the arts of prophecy or divination predicts a destiny for someone, she will, however, be basing it solely on a reading of the deep mind of her client. She will be reading the strongest marked "possible future" of her client at that present moment. This does not mean that there are no other possible futures, but that the one she perceives is the most likely one from the point of view of the moment of time she is prophesying in. If she is an expert diviner, she will be reading her client's deep mind at its most profound and basic level, which contains the firmest "guidelines" to its own future. But even these are still open to choices and different interpretations, depending on the will and inclination of the person concerned and whether he becomes sufficiently aware of where his nose is leading him—of his karma, if you will.

At this point it would be germane to mention the subject of curses and blessings inflicted by witches on people. In view of the preceding, you will see that when you as a witch inflict your will magically on someone, what in effect you are doing is throwing the weight of your witch power into the balance of a person's choice of future, and thus guiding his selection in favour of one direction as opposed to a set of others. This, of course, can be effected only through a contact with his deep mind, the place where the mysterious choices are made, hence the whole rigmarole of the magical operation.

But remember, and this is an important thing to bear in mind at all times, should your victim or client prove to be an extremely highly motivated person, with the guidelines to his actions strongly dictated from a great depth within his deep mind, or if he in fact is a powerful warlock, which is tantamount to the same thing, then the likelihood of your persuading his deep mind to accept anything other than its own selected destiny is going to be slim indeed. Not only is any spell you cast going to affect him in no wise, but the magical current you set in motion by your action will recoil on you as the sender and probably expend its energy on your own deep mind!

This is the eternal danger in malefic witchcraft, to be hoist on one's own petard; but we shall speak more of this later in Chapters 5 and 6 which deal solely with the problems of countermagic and magical attack.

However, to return to our topic of divination, we shall start with one of the first, simple rules of practical witchcraft:

Before embarking on any magical operation, perform a divination (a) to diagnose the true nature of the situation, and/or (b) to determine the likelihood of success of the particular magical operation you have decided to employ. There is no point, and indeed no future, in employing a blast of countermagic against some imaginary enemy when in fact a relatively simple amulet of beneficence may be all that is required. We must know what we are at—hence divination.

Now in magic and witchcraft, the operations of divination have always been conducted by means of contact with a power which is symbolized by the astrological symbol of Mercury. The Greeks called this power Hermes, the Egyptians Thoth, the Scandinavians Odin, the early Anglo-Saxons Woden. This power has generally been connected with the starry sky, the air, storm winds, and also the crossroads. Indeed in the voodoo pantheon the power of Mercury is often known at Maitre Carrefour or Master of the Gross-roads. He is the great mediator between the worlds and is also known as Psychopompos or Guide of Souls. The Saxons knew him by the name "Earendel, the Morning Star." The witch knows him by the name "Herne."

Before beginning any divination, it is always important for the witch to bring her deep mind into contact with Mercury; to tune into his waveband if you wish, whether the divination be performed by means of the relatively rudimentary entities governing the rune sticks, or by questioning a highly sophisticated entity such as Vassago in a show stone.

There are several methods of doing this, ranging from simply meditating upon one of the classical magical images of the winged Mercury to the full ceremonial rite of invocation. To my way of thinking, none of the methods are as aesthetically satisfying or successful as the use of the magical square of Mercury which, although Cabalistic in its origin, is truly witchy in the manner of its employment. Here it is:


The Square Of Mercury

































































As a matter of interest, one of the characteristics of magic squares, which is known to most mathematicians, is that the numbers in each line, vertical or horizontal, add up to the same total. In this case, 260. Now you may well ask what all this has to dp with Mercury? Well, you can think of magic squares as being signaling devices, types of psychic telephone numbers to the unseen. The way of using the Square of Mercury before any divination is this:

Take a blank sheet of white paper, and exorcise it with salt water and a Mercurial incense such as you will find listed under the heading "Herbs and Incenses." Having done this, draw a square with sixty-four compartments as shown above with your pen and ink of art. Now carefully and deliberately inscribe the numbers in the square as illustrated, in their correct numerical order, 1, 2, 3, 4, onwards, ending with 64. As you write each number, repeat a short invocation to Mercury of your own devising, such as "Mercury, be propitious to me," or "Herne, Lord of the Crossroads, Guide of the Dead," "Earende, the Morning Star" or even a string of his names from various pantheons like, "Mercury— Hermes—Odin—Thoth." Whichever you prefer.

The only important thing to remember is that the charm should summon up a mental image in your mind which in some way strikes your fancy and links the work in hand with an idea concerning Mercury, such as wisdom, speed, starlight, the air, a crossroads at night, or even one of the classical images of Mercury. It might be as well to consult a book of mythology at this point to acquaint yourself with some of Mercury's traditional forms and attributes.

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