Dreaming True

The subject of acquiring prophetic dreams, generally speaking, comes under this Mercurial heading. Processes concerned with acquisition of dreams concerning lovers, present or future, will, however, be kept for Chapter 4, Part 1, "The Loving Cup." But should you or a friend wish to acquire knowledge about a certain matter, and not wish to resort to the rune sticks or any form of conjuration ceremony, a very simple, and sometimes quite effective method of securing said information is by inducing a prophetic dream. Wait until the moon is waxing, approaching full. Then, prior to going to bed, take a warm bath in which has been mixed a few drops of the following mixture:

Oil of lavender Oil of rosemary Oil of peppermint Oil of thyme Powdered poppy seed

While you are taking the bath, fumigate your bedroom with an incense composed of: Camphor

Powdered aloeswood Jasmine

Pulverized cucumber seeds Powdered white sandalwood

All of these are to be used in equal parts. This is a Lunar Incense, the moon being the ruler of sleep and dreams.

Before you lie down to sleep, write your question on a piece of plain white paper with your pen and ink of art, and place the paper and a small sachet of wormwood herb (Artemesia) under your pillow. If the spell works, you should have your answer to the question in the morning.

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