Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Dagyde Witches' image-needle or pin

Demon Nonhuman spirit (see Foreword and Chapter 1)

Deosil Turning clockwise and sunways

Devil "Little god," title for the magister as representative of one of the Mighty Ones Divination Magical method of exploration or inquiry into a situation

Dolmen Elven structure of stone. Megalithic monument. Often used as covenstead by witches

Eidolon Wraith or fetch. Witch power formulated into semi-tangible human shape Elemental Witch's magically created familiar (q.v.)

Elements Cognate "of the Wise": fire, air, earth, and water. The four basic modes of manifestation of matter and energy according to arcane lore

Elf fire Need fire or Wildfire. Flame to light coven balefire produced without the use of metals

Elvenfolk Descendants of the witch gods, or Mighty Ones; Prytani or Faeryfolk

Esbat Weekly or fortnightly witch meeting

Evil eye Involuntary Eye biting (q.v.)

Evocation Conjuration, often to visible appearance

Exorcism Magical operation of purifying something from all alien influences

Eye biting Cursing with a glance - overlooking

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