Cernunnos Perfume

To be worn during any operation or adventure involving lust and seduction. There are several varieties of this perfume extant, the commonest one consisting of this formula :

5 parts musk - (synthetic essence will do) 5 parts civet - "

1 part ambergris - "

1 part patchouli or cassia - "

The first three of these ingredients are very expensive, however, so here is a very good alternative recipe, which can also be highly potent used sparingly:

1/3 patchouli oil

1/3 Cedarwood oil

1/3 pine oil (good-quality gum turpentine) 1 drop vanilla

1 drop jasmine oil or ilang-ilang 1 drop oil of cloves 1 drop essence of rose 1 drop geranium oil

This perfume should be mixed with pure alcohol should you wish to compose a toilet water or cologne as opposed to a heavy perfume. Should this recipe be too difficult for you to make, patchouli oil by itself will do.

A few drops of Cernunnos can be mixed with your Sabbat oil to add extra impact. The actual composition of that oil I shall reserve for Chapter 7.

As in the composition of the Love Incense, so also here; should you wish to experiment with new essences and perfumes, go ahead. However, for matters of lust, as opposed to romantic love, I would advise you to stick to the more bitter and piney perfumes. Leave the flowery essences to Habondia and her works of romance.

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