Cernunnos Incense

For use in any invocation of Cernunnos, or spell designed to arouse lust.

A few drops patchouli essence or patchouli leaves finely powdered 1 part good-quality fine-grain church incense 1 part bay leaves finely reduced 1 part Cyprus wood or pine needles finely reduced 1 part wormwood herb 1 part vervain herb

Moisten with a few drops of:

Oil of cloves

Gum turpentine (pine oil)

Olive oil


The operator's blood Red wine

Finally, a drop of civet or musk essence if you can get hold of them. If not, never mind.

As with all your other incenses, let this mixture steep overnight, adding more solid ingredients if necessary to bring it to the requisite dry consistency. It should be prepared on a Thursday at the usual time, with the moon waxing. It is very strong, and you should use it sparingly.

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