• (1) Body of lore stemming from early Chaldean and Mesopotamian traditions, later incorporated within certain rabbinical texts, • (2) practical magical processes deriving therefrom

Candlemas (q.v. Brigid)

Chalice Magical cup used for philters and libations Charm Spoken or chanted words of magical intent Cingulum Witches' cord or girdle

Cone of power "Cone" of collective witch power raised by assembled coven within circle to forward a certain aim previously decided upon

Conjuration An act of summoning a demon or shade

Contact Demon, deceased human or "god" coven instructor

Coven Witches' group of not more than thirteen members

Covendom Three-mile radius of coven's domain Covenstead Place where coven meets Cowan Uninitiated intruder Cromlech Welsh word for dolmen (q.v.)

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