Amatory Necromancy Incense

1 part vervain herb (verbena) (finely reduced) 1 part wormwood herb (finely reduced) 1 part powdered sandalwood, lignum aloes, or rose petals 1 part dittany of Crete (finely reduced) 1 part gum Benjamin (benzoin)

Moisten with a few drops of:

Pure olive oil Red wine Honey

The operator's blood

A dash of essential flower oil of your choice (a favourite of the deceased, if possible).

Blend all these ingredients together on a Friday when the moon is waxing, leaving them to steep overnight. Add extra herbs to make up a dry consistency if necessary.

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  • jessica
    How to make necromantic incense?
    6 years ago
  • amos
    What is amatory necromancy incense?
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