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Finally, in this section of romantic love, here is a traditional Cabalistic spell, which operates by invoking the aid of Sariim, princes or intelligences attributed to the heavenly bodies, in this case Mercury, the moon, and Earth itself who rule over and direct the demonic cohorts. The Cabalistic titles conferred upon these powers are, of course, a thin disguise for those original watchers, or witch-entities, with which you are beginning to become acquainted. Two of these you have already been introduced to, namely, Herne, the Wise One, and Habondia, the Lady of Delight, subject of the present chapter. The third you have yet to meet—the Earth Power, which we will deal with in the following chapter, which is devoted to the construction of the pentacle and mandragore, among other things, and deals with the problems of protection, counter-magic, and general well-being.

Because of the fact that this spell calls upon the powers of genuine witch entities, albeit under a Cabalistic guise, and contains some rather pleasing imagery, it is made use of frequently by poetically inclined witch novices. In my opinion it is somewhat verbose, as most Cabalistic workings tend to be, but here it is.

You will need a clean sheet of talisman paper, your pen and ink of art, one of your lamps of art, your cup of water, salt and rosemary, and your thurible containing a suitable amatory incense.

Select a clear night when the moon is waxing and shining brightly in the sky. Having made sure you are alone or that your only other companions are witches like yourself, place the paper in your altar triangle, and draw the following diagram on the paper with your pen and ink of art. Pass it through water and fire, naming it with the name of the person you wish to influence. On the reverse side of the talisman, write "Melchidael Baresches."

Melchidael Baresches

Now if you have a garden or very secluded backyard, you can perform the whole ceremony out of doors. If not, perform the ritual up to the point indicated above indoors, and complete the following outside.

Search out the moon in the sky, and then observe which is the brightest star close to it. Having done this, place your parchment on the ground, bare earth or grass as opposed to concrete or asphalt, if possible. Then cover the parchment with your right foot and bend your left knee to the earth. Then take your workbook containing the spell in your left hand (it's better to learn it by heart if you can), your lighted lamp of art in your right and, seeking out the moon and star with your gaze, pronounce the following incantation three times:

I salute and conjure you, O beautiful Moon, O beautiful Star,

0 bright Light which I hold in my hand!

By the air which I breathe, by the breath which is within me, by the earth which I touch, I conjure you. And by the names of the spirits who are princes residing in you; by the ineffable name On, which hath created All; By thee, O resplendent Angel Gabriel, together with the princes of Mercury and Earth, Michael and Melchidael!

1 conjure you again by all the divine names of God, that you send down to obsess, torment, and harass the body, spirit, soul, and five senses of the nature of [name of victim] that they come to [name of supplicant] at [such and such a time] and do accomplish his [her] will, having no friendship for anyone in the world especially for [name of supplicant]. So long as he [she] shall be indifferent to [supplicant] so shall he [she] be obsessed, so suffer, so be tormented. Go then promptly; go Gabriel, Michael, Melchidael, Baresches, Zazel, Tiriel, Malcha, and all those who are with you. I conjure you by the great living God to accomplish my will, and I [Witch's name] do promise to satisfy you duly!

Having repeated this thrice, cast amatory incense upon your thurible coals and, rising from your kneeling position, stand the lamp of art upon the paper, and leave it to burn down and extinguish itself.

On the morrow, give the talisman to the person who requested it, and have him place it in his left shoe or otherwise carry it about his person until such a time as the spell takes effect and the victim seeks him out.

As for the Cabalistic names for Mercury, the moon, and the Earth, Michael, Gabriel, and Melchidael are traditionally the angels assigned to these spheres. Tiriel and Malcha are the intelligences assigned to Mercury and the moon respectively, while Baresches is in all probability the past part of Malcha's complete Hebrew name which has become detached and turned into an entity in its own right. "Malcha Be Tarshishim va A'ad Be Ruach Shechalim." The name Zazel is that of the spirit of the planet Saturn, here doubling for the Earth. In astral or sidereal magic which deals with a heptadic or sevenfold planetary scheme, the Earth powers are generally classified and invoked under the aegis of


The worst thing about this charm is its verbosity, which far from stirring your deep mind into activity, may in fact only succeed in lulling it back to sleep. The redeeming qualities of the process, however, lie in its firm basis in witch principles, with its invocations of the powers of the earth, moon, and star Earendel, with the moon representing the Lady as initiator of Desire. Incidentally, I omitted to mention but by now it should go without saying, when you utter the invocation to the star mentally summon up your Mercury symbolism from Chapter 3, and when you invoke the moon, concentrate on Habondia and her attendant images. For the Earth, which I will deal with in the next chapter, summon up in your mind's eye an image of all growing things; of plants and mosses and great ancient forests, of the smell of peat and loam; the darkness of cellars and caves, the silence of gardens at night at the abandoned overgrown churchyard. Think of all horned and hoofed animals, also.

Above all, be aware of the earth beneath you.

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