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Kabbalistic tables for calculating the names of good and evil spirits (FRANCIS BARRETT, the magus, 1801)

alchemists and magicians used combinations of kabbalistic numbers and divine names in rituals and incantations. The Tetragrammaton was held in great awe for its power over all things in the universe, including DEMONS. Beginning in the late 15 th century, the Kabbalah was harmonized with Christian doctrines to form a Christian Kabbalah, the proponents of which claimed that magic and the Kabbalah proved the divinity of Christ. Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim included the Kabbalah in his De Occulta Philosophia, published in 1531, which resulted in its erroneous associations with witchcraft. Also in the 16th century, alchemical symbols were integrated into the Christian Kabbalah.

Jewish study of the Kabbalah peaked by the 19th century and then declined. Interest was later revived by non-Jewish Western occultists, such as Francis Barrett, Eliphas Levi and Papus. The Kabbalah formed part of the teachings of the HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN Dawn. Dion Fortune called the Kabbalah the "Yoga of the West." Western occultists linked the Kabbalah to the Tarot and astrology.

In some traditions of Witchcraft and Paganism, the Tree of Life is used for pathworking, magic intended for self-realization.

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