Modern Druid Revivals

By the early 20th century, there were at least five modern Druidic organizations, including the Druidic Hermetists and the British Circle of the Universal Bond, but most did not survive more than a few decades. In 1964, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, led by Ross Nichols, split away from the Ancient Order of Druids, drawing members from that group and the British Circle of the Universal Bond.

In 1979, the British Druid Order (BDO) was founded in England by Phillip Shallcrass. A Council of British Druid Orders was formed in England in 1989. Around

2006, the BDO went into a state of "transition" and was largely inactive, but still in existence.

In the United States, a modern Druidic movement with no connection to the ancient Druids or the modern Druids in England was formed in 1963. The Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA) initially was conceived as a hoax by a group of students at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, who were protesting a school requirement that students attend religious services. The requirement was dropped in 1963-64, but the Reformed Druids decided to take themselves seriously and continue as an organization of autonomous "groves." Rituals were reconstructed from anthropological material and included non-bloody sacrifices. The founders of RDNA did not intend for it to become a religion, but rather viewed it as a philosophy. Some groves split off to form a separate branch, the New Reformed Druids of North America, which emphasized Paganism. Among these groves was the Berkeley grove, which was led by Archdruid P. E. I. (IsAAC) BoNEWITs in the mid-1970s. Bonewits left the organization about 197879. In 1983, he formed his own Druidic organization, Ar nDraiocht Fein ("Our own Druidism").

The Reformed Druids of North America ceased activity, though individual groves remained scattered around the country. Ar nDraiocht Fein grew to become the largest Pagan Druidic organization in the world.

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