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el, The House of Seven Gables, written in Lenox, Massachusetts, and published in 1851. Like his own family, the Pyncheon family of the novel suffers from inherited sin related to witchcraft. A piece of property owned by Matthew Maule includes a pure, sweet-water spring. Maule's jealous neighbor, Judge Pyncheon, becomes obsessed with owning it and is driven to have Maule accused of witchcraft. Maule is convicted and sentenced to be hanged. Before he is executed, he curses Pyncheon: "Pyncheon, God will give you blood to drink and quench your greed for eternity." After Maule is buried, Pyncheon buys his land and builds on it the House of Seven Gables. Pyncheon invites his friends over for a housewarming dinner, which he never gets to enjoy: he is found slumped in a chair, dead of a massive throat hemorrhage. The Pyncheon family suffers decline, then is redeemed when young Phoebe Pyncheon marries a descendant of Matthew Maule, and the land and house are restored to their rightful owner.

The malicious character of Judge Pyncheon was modeled on the Rev. Charles Wentworth Upham, mayor and minister of Salem, whose books, Lectures on Witchcraft (1831) and History of Witchcraft and Salem Village (1867), reveal malice and erroneous moral perspectives but nonetheless established him as an authority on the witch trials. Hawthorne borrowed the Maule name from Thomas Maule, a Quaker merchant who lived in Salem at the time of the trials, and who believed the witch hysteria and favored the executions. Maule's own definition of a witch was anyone who was not a Quaker.

The House of Seven Gables, as Hawthorne's house is now called, remained on its original site near the Salem harbor until 1958, when it was moved to a new location on the harbor. It was opened to the public in 1959 and remains one of Salem's biggest tourist attractions.

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