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hare In folklore, a witch's FAMILIAR or a witch metamorphosed in disguise (see metamorphosis). It is still bad luck in the British Isles for one's path to be crossed by a hare.

Witches were said to be able to change themselves into hares and other animals with magical CHARMS such as the following from the British Isles:

I shall go into a hare, With sorrow and such and muckle care, And I shall go in the Devil's name. Ay, 'till I come home again.

The hare supposedly was the favorite disguise of Iso-BEL GoWDIE, a Scottish woman who voluntarily confessed to witchcraft in 1662, astonishing her staid community of Auldearne with her wild tales. Once while in the shape of a hare, she said, she had a close call with some dogs. The DEVIL had sent her, as a hare, to carry a message to neighbors. Along the way, she encountered a man and a pack of

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