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cone of power The raising and directing of a spiral of psychic energy in ritual and spellcraft. GERALD B. GARDNER described the cone of power as one of the "old ways" of witches; most likely, he borrowed the concept from the various magical sources he used in constructing his rituals and BOOK OF shadows. The raising of psychic energy is intrinsic to ritual and MAGIC in general, and many methods have been used since ancient times.

According to Gardner, witches raise a cone of power by dancing in a circle around a fire or candle, then linking hands and rushing toward the fire shouting the goal, until everyone is exhausted or someone faints, which indicates the energy has been sent off successfully.

Wiccans use variations of this, chanting and dancing in a circle to an increasing tempo, perhaps accompanied by drumming and perhaps employing visualizations of psychic energy moving up through the chakras from the base of the spine to the crown. The energy is projected over the group in a cone shape; it is visible to those with clairvoyant sight. The energy is controlled by the high

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17 Bible Foods That Heal

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