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Pagans and the New Age (1999), and The Complete Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses (2001). Janet and Bone coauthored Progressive Witchcraft: Spirtuality, Training and the Mysteries in Modern Wicca (2004).

Stewart Farrar's other fiction works include two additional detective novels: Zero in the Gate (1960) and Death in the Wrong Bed (1963); a romance novel, Delphine, Be a Darling (1963); and seven occult novels: The Twelve Maidens (1974); The Serpent of Lilith (1976); The Dance of Blood (1977); The Sword of Orley (1977); Omega (1980); Forcible Entry (1986); and Backlash (1988).

fetish An object, usually a West African wooden doll, that is possessed by spirits and represents those spirits to the fetish owner. Fetishes may also be animals' teeth, snake bones, beautiful stones or even the huts where WITCH doctors commune with spirit guides. They are often worn as ornamental amulets or carried on the body.

A fetish is supposed to possess magical powers and be capable of bringing about the owner's designs or preserving him from injury (see MAGIC).

Possession of a fetish by a slave in the New World was punishable by sadistic torture and death. Not only were the fetishes graven images of a god other than the Catholic one, they represented tribal ways feared by white masters.

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