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ULMFTJITICHT^ Htub «TT Lbt cu«-pvw'pti ^"ita Wíi^d t>i--. ____

Title page of the first edition of Wonders, Boston, 1693

the Invisible World. Calef presented caricatures of Cotton and Increase Mather as lecherous men who were titillated by young girls whose possessions had lewd overtones. No publisher in New England was willing to touch More Wonders; it finally appeared in 1700 in London and made its way back to the Colonies.

The backlash, the credulity of Wonders and the mockery of More Wonders helped to tarnish Mather's reputation. He was passed over several times for the presidency of Harvard, which left him bitter and prompted him to aid in the founding of Yale University.

Mather defended his views on witchcraft to the end of his life, by which time he was ignored by an increasingly skeptical public.

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