especially in the form of sexual perversions, fornication and lust.

Belial's name probably comes from the Hebrew phrase beli ya'al, which means "without worth." The ancient Hebrews believed Belial was the next angel created after Lucifer and was evil from the start, being one of the first to revolt against God. After his fall from heaven, he became the personification of evil.

Weyer said Belial commanded 80 legions of demons (at 6,666 demons per legion) and served as infernal ambassador to Turkey. Magicians of that time believed that sacrifices and offerings were necessary to invoke him. Belial was reputed to break his promises to magicians, but those who managed to gain his true favor were handsomely rewarded.

Belial's name is sometimes used as a synonym for Satan or the Antichrist. In the Old Testament, the phrase "sons of Belial" refers to worthlessness and recklessness. Belial also is known as Beliar.

Lucifer. In Latin, his name means "light-bringer," and he originally was associated with Venus, the morning star. His rebellion against God caused him and his followers to be cast from heaven. The fallen angels lost their beauty and power and became "fiendes black." The name "Lucifer" was sometimes applied to Christ, as the light-bearer, but by the Middle Ages, both "Lucifer" and "Satan" were used as names for the Devil. Lucifer could apply to the Devil in either his pre-fall or post-fall state. In the hierarchies of demons, Lucifer is emperor of hell and ranks above Satan, one of his lieutenants (ranks and distinctions not made in theology). When conjured, he appears as a beautiful child. Lucifer was said to rule Europeans and Asiatics.

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